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Rhonda & Herb on Hwy 6
As Herb and I are making our to through Milan, Missouri, the sky is completely dark.  We just turned on a local radio station, to hear we have tornado warnings. So far we have only had sprinkles on the windshield. There's lightening to the East and South.  Sounds like Sherry's town of Macon might be next.  Hunker down Sherry!!!   Stay safe!
Keep safe everyone!!
Rhonda & Herb on Hwy 6
We going through Greencastle, Missouri now.  Looks like the storm just went through here.  Lots of tree limbs down.

The sky is really lit up tonight. 

There a man talking on the radio in Macon, Missouri. They've been hit by quarter size hail, rain, and high winds.  He said the corn in his garden has been completely bent over.

The First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Missouri is opening to welcome folks who don't have a basement.
sherry in macon

i am having a real blast here i am in the basement the siren has went off but have stoped now still getting heavy rain and lighting have flash light and battery radio in hand

Rhonda & Heb...we made it
Just pulling in the drive way.

Everyone take care.  Looks like a long night of storms.

Rhonda at Home
Storm just came through Kirksville. Power is out.

Dear Herby is trying to get to sleep before it gets too hot without the airconditioner.  LOL

Luckily I have a Verizon air card. So I can be on the internet until my computer battery runs down. 

Sure seems weird without the TV to talk me to sleep.

What did we do before electricity????  
Charlie K

Sounds exciting to me. That's one thing I like about MO, there are always good storms. Stay safe.

Rhonda - home in the dark
Is there a GOOD storm???


An official storm watcher was talking on the radio.  I told Herb that I could become an official storm watcher.  He said, "You're not home enough to be a storm watcher, and you have to take classes."  

I said, "I could be an International Storm Watcher, and watch from wherever I am." 

HOWEVER, it occurred to me, that when the storm actually got there, I would be hunkered down in the closest basement I could find.  

My dad always took us to the 12 x 12 bomb shelter my grandpa built in the 70's; at the first sign of rain or a storm.

I've spent more time underground, than I have above.

Charlie K

Some day when I retire, I want to be a tornado chaser. It's on my list of things to see before I die, a tornado close up!!!!

Yikes!  Y'all be safe up there!

The weirdest thing for me when I first moved up "North" was seeing basements.  There's no such thing as a "basement" in Louisiana.  You dig a few feet and you hit water.  

Basements would be so handy during Hurricanes...well maybe they wouldn't help with the flooding ...but it would be nice to have somewhere to hide when there's a tornado warning.  I'd have to say that the tornadoes are the scariest part of going through a Hurricane.  They would pop up at any time.  I remember Hurricane Katrina quite well.  I had a bag packed of my most priceless possessions ready to throw in the bathtub with me if we had a tornado hit us. My grandma just laughed at me and kept listening to the radio.  That woman is a seasoned veteran with hurricanes.  I guess I have a lot to learn.

Does your house have a basement?  I sure hope so.  Be safe!


Dear Charlie K,


Mary C.

Rhonda, glad you and Herb made it home safe! Hope there will not be too much damage from the storms.

Charlie K

Hey Charlie K!

Maybe its a CA thing... Ive always wanted to chase Tornado's too!

This is kinda weird.. but I was watching TV this morning and the Movie "Twister" came on.. How come we dont get cool storms here?

Robert Hall

Glad to read you made it home safely!..I saw the storms heading your way on the Weather Channel last night,they were in Iowa heading south towards Missouri,and I said to myself "I hope Rhonda doesn't run into that on her way home,if she's headed home from TN tonight!"..

I prayed for you to have safe travels!.
I'm so glad to hear your safe at home..and that you have a tornado shelter!--I've been thinking about building one here myself,after all the severe storms we've had here lately..but our basement is pretty deep,has thick concrete walls,and has only two windows,I guess that would be good enough to hide in..

We had more SEVERE thunderstorms most of yesterday here once again--I bet we got another inch of rain at least,it poured for several hours..only had a few hours of partly sunny skies after a morning thunderstorm yesterday,between noon and 2 pm,then thunder came rolling back in again with DARK clouds,and it dumped a lot of rain in a few hours time..we had a few gusts of wind,but escaped the 60 mph wind and hail that were predicted,but had a few gusts over 45 mph--made the rain sound much more ominous!..

My older brother stopped by,he'd bought an old '59 Morris Minor panel delivery truck in Tiverton RI yesterday,and that is only 30 miles south of me,so he decided to stop in so I could check it out..but the thunder and lightning wouldn't let us look at it for long,before the rain drove us inside!..it's a really neat looking vehicle!..my brother probably had a very tough ride home, towing it on a car trailer,with many severe thunderstorms all the way between here and his home 80 miles north of here--hope he made it OK!--haven't heard any bad news,so I guess he made it with no troubles..

We didn't lose power,but I left the TV off all night,lightning has struck VERY close many times here the past few days during all these storms..and in years past too!.
I think lightning is attracted to our property because it's about the highest point in town,and we have a lot of "ledge" sticking out of the ground out in the woods behind our house,looks like the tip of a mountain top,I have seen lightning come from the ledge and jump to the sky before here,and it's very frightening!..nothing like being a hundred feet away from where lightning strikes to get your adrenaline flowing!..(and turn your undershorts a few shades darker!)..

We had several 100' pines twisted right out of the ground and toppled in 1982, during what weather officials called a "microburst" out in our back yard,(I say it was a tornado !)--and recently, the top of another 100' high tree was blown right off by a lightning bolt,only about 70 feet away from another huge pine that had one side of it blown right off by another lightning strike many years ago..guess that area is a "hot spot" for lightning!..

I've also seen my lamp next to my bed light up by itself for a few seconds with the switch OFF,when lightning struck close by once,and I heard a loud "SNAP" when it did that!..it also tripped many of the circuit breakers in the fuse box too!..more than one of my TV's have died an untimely death when lightning surges blew out some of the circuit boards!..lost a VCR from that too,they don't like voltage surges..

I've been watching the news on TV,about those tornadoes that hit NH last Wednesday--they now say over 30 tornadoes touched down in nearly a dozen towns,leaving a 30 mile wide and 60 mile long path of utter destruction in their wake,the largest and deadliest outbreak ever to hit in New England....one woman died in Deerfield NH when her house collapsed--she is the first person to ever die in NH from a tornado!..it looks like a war zone there,my heart goes out to those affected by the tornados..
They had some bad storms in NJ last night too..seems like a lot of places are getting hammered lately all over the USA..

It's pretty rare to see any tornadoes here in New England,especially deadly ones,or to have more than one!..we had one come rather close to my area last Wednesday also--it started out as a waterspout near Barrington RI--then crossed over the ocean onto land, and made it to a town only 5 miles from me,before it dissipated..I hope I never see one up close!..
It's bad enough living with Nor'easters and blizzards here,dont need no lousy weather in the summer too!.

Hope you have no more bad weather in MO Rh !.. Take care and God bless!..I'll be praying for you to have better weather!.

Here it is supposed to be decent today,slight chance of more scattered thunderstorms after 5 pm again..tomorrow is supposed to be nice with no rain for once!..

Good morning to all the other "Ragers" out there!..hope you all have no severe weather to deal with..

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