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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thought I would share my Great-Grandma Ethel Suiter's Recipe, since it's the one I use.

For baking time, I use a chart online that shows the temps and length to bake according to the pounds of the turkey.

Take the turkey and all the inards from the inside of the turkey, and wash thoroughly.

Wash apples and cut the ends off an onion and peel - wash these thoroughly.

Rub butter inside the turkey, then place the apple and onion inside the turkey.

Rub butter generously all over the outside of the turkey. Salt & Pepper, then place in a turkey bag.

Cover the bottom of your pan with 1/2 " of water, then bake.    HAPPY BAKING!!
Hmm how many apples apples and onions ?????
Mary Kendjelic
sounds great wish I had seen it sooner---- next time around I will try it---- thank-you!!
Do you cover the turkey? Do you baste? Love your singing! Happy Thanksgiving!
I put as many apples and onions as will fit into the turkey cavity.

If you bake it in the bag, it shouldn't need basting, and should be really juicy.

james croskey
well you be my wife. am 73. a retried stunt man. now am poor no money. just lone.
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