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earl austin
It's shortly after noon on Monday & THE BRATT is still in the Carrollton hospital instead of North Kansas City. The reason is a beaurocratic nightmare between Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the local hospital & North Kansas City Hospital. Supposedly according to NKCH, they will not admit her or schedule her an appointment with a (specialist) unless a certain part of her body is hanging out.
When/if that happens, she is to call 911 & "pretend to fall out of her chair/commode" & have them take her to NKC then after she gets there, complain not of a sore arm/leg, but of the real reason. Ironically the local hospital spent 3 1/2 days doing everything they could to prevent these certain body parts from falling out

And now you know why your doctor's office has so many people who do nothing but spend time on the phone & computer with health insurance companies or hospitals and why there are so many lawyers driving $100,000 cars who do nothing but specialize in health care claims

Tom Alman
Sorry to hear this Earl! We all want this to work to the Bratts benefit!!!

Sweet Brenda & Him

Hope it will work out for you.

I sorry to hear about this Earl.  I hope the mess gets resolved soon and Sherri will get the  care  she needs.  Sending best wishes to you both.


Earl, you are both in my prayers. Tell Sherri we love her!
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