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1/2/2011 - Nashville, TN - 8pm Station Inn - Free Show
1/3/2011 - Clinton, OK - 3pm American Veterans Home - Free Show
1/5/2011 - Berkeley, CA - Freight & Salvage
1/6/2011 - Chico, CA - Sierra Nevada
1/8/2011 - Portland, OR - River City Bluegrass Festival
1/9/2011 - Portland, OR - River City Bluegrass Festival
1/11/2011 - Cheyenne, WY
1/13/2011 - Kansas City, MO - Northtown Opry
1/14/2011 - Jefferson City, MO - SPBGMA Midwest Convention
1/15/2011 - Perrysburg, OH - Bluegrass In Super Class
1/16/2011 - Mansfield, OH - Blockhouse Homecoming

Professor Ron

That sounds great.  However, how about adding some venues on the "right" coast?  Especially in the mid-Atlantic states! 

Join us on Sunday Night in Nashville, TN - 8pm at the Station Inn!

Downtown Nashville.   http://www.stationinn.com

I'm ready for CA road trip!
Next stop....Clinton, Oklahoma!

See ya in CA

I cannot express enough the special Thanks to you and your band for stopping by and singing for our veterans. I can't hear enough about you and how great the band was. The guys still have the biggest smiles on their faces and I'm pretty sure you made their year. Thank you so much again and God Bless!
Also, I'll be getting those pics emailed to you this week. Good luck on tour!
John in Cheyenne
Is the Cheyenne date firm?  and is it a private show?
Haven't seen the group since Laughlin/Bullhead City, in 05 or 06!

The Cheyenne date is private.
Christina Boggs
Hey folks...sorry I've been away from the boards, anyone else going to make it out to the Berkeley or Chico shows? My dad and I will attending those shows (and Amy is going to make it to Chico from what I've heard) and ready to bask in the awesomeness!
John in Cheyenne
WOW     I love this site!
Hello Rhonda

Hopefully the cool temps and trademark winds will break and give you a proper warm WY welcome.

Trying not to hijack the thread, but I would appreciate some help with the Frontier Days staff to get Rhonda signed for a night show . 
  Cmon Ragers give this cowboy a hand.
 Take a minute, fill out the feedback and let them know how special Rhonda and the Rage are and why they would be such a great act for CFD.  
 Yes, sadly there are probably folks on the committee who haven't set foot in Bluegrass country, and don't know what they are missing.  Who better to educate them than the reigning queen of Bluegrass.


Sassy, I'll be waiting at the usual spot for you to pick me up on your way down.

Thanks for your help John in Cheyenne!!!
Chico.....ready or not, here we come!!
Christina Boggs
Mmmm a little foggy coming back from the bay, tonight's show was great- can't wait for tomorrow! I'll try and get video up in the morning
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