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#1 USC gets whooped by Oregon State. And yes, Oregon State outplayed USC.
#3 Georgia is getting an old fashioned whoopin in Athens. Alabama is whoopin them on the O-line....the D-line....running through them like soup....passing them dizzy....and making UGA look like a JV team. Alabama 31...UGA zip at the time of this posting.
#4 Florida gets whooped at home in the swamp by Ole Miss....Are you kidding me????? Not only did they get beat, they gave up 31 points...I thought the SEC was all about DEFENSE..If that is great defense, Mizzou would like a piece of them. We'll show you what offense looks like.
#7 Texas beats the crap out of SEC Arkansas.
#9 Wake Forest gets thumped...
#15 Auburn eeks out a win against the Vols 14-12.  Not impressed...shoulda beat Tennessee by 5 touchdowns.
#2 Oklahoma whipping #22 TCU big.
#24 Illinois tied with #12 PSU 14-14
#9 Wisconsin gets upset by Michigan.

I'm sure glad Mizzou is Idle this week. We go to Lincoln, Ne. next week. Will be a tough game for us. I don't think we have beat them in Lincoln in 30 some years.

I have to tell you, I'm REALLY not impressed with the elite SEC teams. Overrated in my books. I've felt this way since the start of the season....Today reinforces that belief, and proves the so called experts were wrong again.  Big 12 elite is much better than the SEC.
I have an idea....Lets take Oklahoma, Mizzou, and Texas, and match them against the 3 top SEC teams in a game. I think the 3 top SEC teams we would face would be LSU, Alabama, and either Ole Miss or Miss St.

USC, I feel is better than they showed Thursday night, but will drop in the Herby poll.

Even Syracuse was leading Pitt in FOOTBALL late in the game before losing by 10.

#5 LSU is struggling against Miss St.

Someboday check outside, and see if there is a full moon.

Back to the 2nd half of football.


WVU finally won today! 


Poor UT... it's hard to win without a coach or a quarterback.  I'm putting my orange away for a little while.

My bad Susan for leaving WVU out of the mix. Big win for them today.

THE Ohio St. gets a big and much needed win also.

Final score in Athens...Alabama 41 UGA 30....Sunday headlines..."Dawgs run out of gas in Athens"...or..."Knowshon a know show"  Knowshon, you can't win a Heisman like that. You have to show up to play EVERY week. Not just against the weaker teams. Granted he didn't get many touches in the 2nd half, but didn't do anythang in the 1st half when he got his opportunities. Look out folks....the best coach in college football is back, and he resides in Tuscaloosa. Very impressive win tonight!!!!

New Herby top 10 as I see it.

1. Oklahoma
2. LSU
3. Mizzou
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Texas Tech
7. Penn State
8. Brigham Young
9. USC
10. South Florida

Yes, you see it correctly. 4 of the top 6 are from the Big 12. We'll take it as long as we can. I'm sure it won't last long. Conference play starts next week.
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    I can't believe what happened today in college Football.  This Board has been very quiet today about Football.  Since you Posted I must tell you...I'm so happy that Syracuse played Pitt close that I fired the Pool Heater at Midnight just to Celebrate tomorrow morning before I go to work!  October is just around the corner, we are hanging tree stands and the Pool is still open!  What a great September!  Mike G.

Wow you know it's a strange season when one of my teams is undefeated
Mike G....It is funny how quiet it gets on here sometimes.
Glad the weather is holding for you up there. I stopped in Winslow, Arizona (and it was such fine sight to see...it's a girl my Lord in a flat bed ford) to fill up with gas a few days ago, and saw a huge Elk in the back of a pick up. He got it with a bow, and it scored 346 points. I thought of you immediately.

Prez, PSU looks good so far. The jury is still out on them. The Big 10 is such a weak conference it will be tough to give them much credit for wins, and huge demerits for losses.

Here are the top football conferences according to "The Herb"

1. Big 12 (no question after this weekend)
2. SEC
3. Big 10 (a huge gap between the Big 10 and the top 2)
4. WAC
5. Mountain West
6. PAC 10
7. Big East
8. ACC
9. MAC
10. MIAA (strong D-II conference)

Mike B

Hi guys!

Dear Herby,

Since baseball's regular season came to an end today, I would like to request permission to very briefly go off topic.
DH Impostor

Permission granted.

Thank you very much.

I was so disappointed that the Padres failed in their attempt to finish the season in The Last Worst Place.  They gave it a good run, but coming down the stretch, the Nationals and Mariners just refused to win.  I don't like to make excuses, but the Padres were at a huge disadvantage playing in the NL Worst Division.  All things considered, a 63-99 record is an amazing lack of achievement.  San Diego baseball fans can now look ahead to a completely dismal future.

We now return to our regularly scheduled deprogramming.

It was week of chaos in college football.  And what was the catalyst for all of this confusion?  Oregon State?  Ole Miss?  No, it was all caused by Dear Herby his own self.  College football fans all across America were completely baffled by the lack of a BCS (Bluegrass Cruise Specialist) poll last week.  We were all left dazed and confused as Dear Herby spent 40 hours and 40 minutes wandering in the desert gathering material for his future best seller "Travels With RHONDA in Search of America".


MG Hammer, let me be the first to congratulate the 'Cuse for only losing by 10 points.  I only wish that I could have been poolside to help you celebrate.  I may have to drive some nails in your honor.  I would hate to think what Jimmy Brown would say about your celebration, but he's probably busy selling the morning paper, sir.


Mike B, I hate to pile on, especially with the elephant revival going on in Tusctown.  However, I must inform you that I'm planning to file an official protest against you.  On more than one occasion, you have used the international michigan font when referring to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  This is a clear violation of Universal Message Board Etiquette and could result in a 15-post penalty.......and loss of down!

I apologize Gary......I know how much you wanted the Padres to have a 100 loss season....The Pirates had to ruin that by losing last night. Maybe we could have a one game playoff to see if they can get to the magic #100!
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