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Uncle Pen in Pa
Why can't the NCAA gets it act together and have a playoff.  Everyone loves the bowls but if they started an 8 team playoff,  it would blow away all the tv ratings!!!!

in the top half of the bracket:
1. Alabama  vs  8. Utah
3. PSU   vs . Oklahoma

the other bracket:

4.  Texas vs 5 Florida
2 Texas Tech vs 7 Usc

Who wouldn;t watch this???  and the semis and finals....  Its crazy that TV ratings can't make this happen!!!!   this would make the Final 4 basketball tournament look like small potatoes
I agree Uncle. The problem is the bowl folks, and college Presidents. It would minimize the Bowl experience, and they want to be the only game in town so to speak.
You can't take the winners of the 4 major bowls, because with their conference affiliations, it wouldn't match the best 8 teams in college football. ie..the Big East and ACC would be represented in this equation, and this year neither conference has a potential national champion. Some conferences would have more representatives than others. ie...the Big 12 would have 4 teams in the playoffs, or 50% of the field, and that wouldn't be fair to the others. 2 from the SEC, USC and Penn St. Those are the best 8 teams in college football this year. What about Utah and Boise St. if they run the table and remain undefeated, and don't make the top 8 or a major bowl? Then you always have the conference championships games where upsets happen all the time.

It is a subjective thing, and open to opinions everywhere. Everybody talks about it, and has a different spin. I think this is exactly what the BCS and NCAA had in mind when it was all started. They're smiling ear to ear!!!
The Ol' Dawg

8 teams ? What about a 16 team playoff like Divisions 1-AA, 2, & 3 ? Seems to work very well in their divisions. The ONLY way to change this "system" is to "hit 'em in the pocketbook". In other words, folks shouldn't support the Bowl System that exists now. When attendance and tourism dollars dwindle for what amounts to a bunch of glorified postseason exhibition games, changes WILL be made by the "powers that be". Eventually, I think a TV network will step forward, with buckets of cash, and make the NCAA "an offer that it can't refuse" for a playoff. As is the case with just about anythang else, greed will end up a gettin' it done quicker than the college football fanbase a complainin' 'bout it.

Mike B

Yeeehaawwww!!!  Halloween is gone and...(sigh)... so is The Great Pumpkin!!!  Will Tommy Tubby be next?  This may be the right time... no one else to blame for this year!

Yeeehaawwww!!!  Halloween is gone and...(sigh)... so is The Great Pumpkin!!!  Will Tommy Tubby be next?  This may be the right time... no one else to blame for this year!

Mike, I gotta say that I didn't see a whole lotta want-to in Tubbs on Saturday. He truly strikes me as a guy waitin' on a ($6 million) buy out. While he has been great for Auburn football for the last 9 years, he sure made a mess of things this year and doesn't seem to be doing much to redeem himself.

- Bama


I just found this on the Tide Sports Forum and could not resist passing it along. Besides, this might help some other folks not associated with the SEC as to how bitter some of these rivalries are. Rivals that we are, we're still brothers when the BCS Championship game comes callin'. I was rootin' hard for LSU and Florida the last two years against some team from Ohio.  :-)

Mike B

Now that's funny!

After a lethargic 5-5 week, Swami Herby has to make up some ground. I think I'll stick to the top 10 this week, with a few added throw-ins.

Here's the picks....

1. Alabama at LSU...Bama is too strong for the Bengals. Saban goes into Baton Rouge and makes a statement. Bama 21 LSU 7

2. Penn St at Iowa...Joe Pa has had a week to prepare for this game. Iowa has been a tough place for the Lions to play. Close game PSU 17 Iowa 14

3. Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma St....Red Raiders and Coach Leach read too many press clippings coming off their win against the Longhorns. ***Upset special*** Cowboys 35 Red Raiders 34

4. Oklahoma at A&M...Stoops is ticked he dropped 2 slots after last weeks big win. Takes it out on the Aggies. Sooners 45 Aggies 7

5. Texas vs Baylor...The Bears are much improved, but the Longhorns are angry. I wouldn't want to play them this week. Horns 56 Bears 14

6. Florida at Vandy...Can Vandy pull off another upset at home? Will Florida have a hangover after their thrashing of the Dawgs? Florida 34 Vandy 10

7. USC vs Cal....Who cares? Message to Pete...When you play in a weak conference, you must win all the games. Going to Oregon St. and laying an egg will keep you out of the Championship game. If you played in the Big 12 or SEC you have a chance to overcome 1 loss. Not in the PAC 10..USC 35 Cal 10

8. Utah vs TCU....***Upset alert*** I really like the Horned Frogs in this game. The Utes make it close at home. TCU 28 Utah 24

9. Boise St. vs Utah St....Boise is on a mission, and I think they will make it. Even though they aren't on the blue carpet for this game, I think they have 1 of the best young coaches in college football. Boise 49 Utah St. 10.

4 other games of interest...UTEP at ULL...Cagins 32 Minors 21...THE Ohio St. at Northwestern...N'western is still celebrating the election too much. Buckeyes 24 Northwestern 17...Syracuse at Rutgers...Don't think the 'Cuse will slip up on the Scarlet Knights like they did against Louisville last week. Rutgers 21 Syracuse 14...Mizzou vs K-State..The Wildcats have always been a thorn in the Tigers side. Could be a close game, but I'm thinking Mizzou will turn it up a notch on Senior day. Tigers 52 Cats 21

That's it for this week. Hope your teams all do well this weekend!!!!
Solid picks there, Swami. Sorry to say that I won't get to see much of the Bama-LSU game this weekend. Mrs. Bama and I are heading north to Nashville (well, actually Franklin @ a place called Lillie Belle's) tomorrow to shoot a wedding this Saturday afternoon.

The bride told me last night that her mother is going to be sure to have at least two TVs on premises for the game ... one for the men-folk and the other for the gals. Such is the way in the SEC ... a football game of this magnitude trumps even a wedding. Now if I could just buy a camera with a satellite receiver and 'picture-in-picture' HD-LCD, I'd be good to go!

- Bama

Swami Herb had a better week this week 9-4. That's more than I can say for Penn St., Ok.St, ULL, TCU, WVU.
Here's the new top 10 and new Bowl implications.

1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Texas
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma
6. USC
7. Utah
8. Boise St.
9. Penn St.
10. Ohio St.

National Championship Game
Florida/Alabama vs Texas/Tech/Oklahoma

Rose Bowl
USC vs. PSU/OSU/Mich St

Orange Bowl
Big East Champ vs ACC Champ

Sugar Bowl
Alabama/Florida vs Utah

Fiesta Bowl
Texas/Tech/Oklahoma/Mizzou vs Boise St.

With Iowa beating Penn St, it opened the door for the Buckeyes to sneak back into the Rose Bowl. Sparty will need to give them some help.

If Oklahoma beats Texas Tech in 2 weeks in Norman, the Big 12 will be in a mess, with 3, 1 loss teams. The highest BCS rated team of the 3 will play in the Big 12 championship game. If Mizzou happened to win that game, then 1 of the other 1 loss teams (Oklahoma, Texas Tech, or Texas would play in the National Championship game.) With Mizzou going to the Fiesta Bowl.

The SEC is pretty much set, providing Bama holds serve against Auburn.

I feel USC is on the outside looking in, but would like to see them lose again for safe measure. If they slip in ahead of a Big 12 team that has 1 loss, all to a team in the top 5, and all on the road or a neutral site, I will be ticked. USC lost to Oregon St., and resides in a weak conference. Enough said.

Gary Kennedy
Dear Herby,

You seem to be overlooking the fact that the Runnin' Utes have a very dangerous date at The Stadium Formerly Known As The Murph next Saturday, which is why I can't go see the great RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE in Arizona.  I know of at least one Mountain West Conference school that could really use some BCS money, but that won't prevent the mighty Aztecs from giving it everything they have, just as they have all year.  I know it doesn't look like it, but they're actually trying.

The fact that the SDSU Athletic Department could benefit from the inevitable Aztec loss is just one of many BCS absurdities which become apparent every year at this time.  Herby, your bowl predictions point out another big one.  You're saying that a team that doesn't even make the Big 12 title game could go to the national championship game.  I know that there's historical precedent for that, but I still think its absurd.  Why have a conference championship game if you're going to reward one of the teams that doesn't even qualify for it?

In another absurdity, Penn State's loss puts OHIO STATE right back in the Big Ten title race, but it probably makes it less likely that the BUCKEYES will go to the Rose Bowl.  Personally, I would rather have a 4th straight Big Ten championship than a Rose Bowl bid, although it would be nice to get both.  I can't worry about that now, though, because I have to concentrate on Illinois.  Since the entire OHIO STATE season is measured by how they do against michigan, the week before is always difficult.  Even though the wolverines are having their worst season that I can ever remember, I guarantee that they'll be ready on November 22.  They only exist to ruin our lives.  But here I am looking ahead already.  Stay focused, Kennedy!

Meanwhile, I've decided to throw my support to the Red Raiders.  I hope that they win it all, but that trip to Norman isn't going to be easy.  I just hope that the national championship game doesn't end up being Florida-USC.  If that happens, I'll never watch college football again.....well, until next season.
Gary Gary Gary....don't make such bold statements about not watching college football again. It can come back to haunt you. LOL

The reason the Big 12 may have a team that didn't play in the Big 12 championship game play in the National Championship Game, is this.....There are 3 teams in the Big 12 south with 1 loss or less. Thus, all of them can't play in the Big 12 championship game. The WONDERFUL FOLKS at Missouri have to attend class sometime. No time to play 3 games for the championship. T Tech may run the table. They've convinced me the past 2 weeks.  Of course you're right about the date in Norman in 2 weeks. That will separate the men form the boys. Even if T Tech loses to Oklahoma, there's still Texas and Oklahoma ahead of USC. If Mizzou did get lucky enough to win the title game, there would still be 1 of them left ahead of the dreaded men of Troy

Now I know the Utes have to go to the Murph and play SDSU, but SDSU let me down big time in Wyoming, so I will put the Utes as a prohibitive favorite to win this game.

Penn St losing at Iowa really hurt the Big 10 chances, but it opened the race up to Sparty and Brutus. PSU is still in the drivers seat for the Rose Bowl, but better play much better than they did on TV yesterday. The only reason I still have them in the Top 10 in todays poll, is because I couldn't find anybody else worthy. So I left PSU and the Buckeyes in the top 10. But Mizzou, Georgia, and Ball St. are nipping at their heels.
Well, perhaps the bowl/championship picture became a little bit clearer this past Saturday with Penn State's upset loss. And even though Bama pulled out a difficult, hard-fought road win, I still think there are at least three teams playing better football right now, and those are:

Texas Tech

I have not seen a single play from the Bama/LSU game and hope to see a replay some time this week. As you may recall, I was in Tennessee this past weekend shooting a wedding ... a wedding, that by SEC football standards, is a strange alliance indeed, to wit:

So why two garters? During the reception, the bride wore one on each leg. To raise some cash, fans from each team were encouraged to place money in the garter of their favorite team. (Risque!!!) At the end of both 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Rocky Top', a count was made as to which garter had the most $$$ in it. As the wedding was held in the heart of Volunteer country, Tennessee won by a wide margin, with the Bama garter burned in from of all who were present. All in good fun, but it sure hurt to see that Bama garter go up in flames!

I would have posted a pic of the bride wearing the garters, but it was a little bit too 'PG' for the board. LOL!

The third Saturday in October should be interesting in this household for years to come!

- Bama

Tom Alman
At least nobody got shot at that party! I guess you all do take your football serious down there LOL!!!

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