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Mike Garlock
Hi Guy's,

    Since all my NY teams are out of Post-Season Baseball who should I be cheering for?   How about the Cubs Herby?  How about the Brewers in honor of the Nails they represent?  Mike G.

Julia, please, please, please, please keep on rooting for the Nittany Lions.  Changing "our" message board to Penn State colors is a good start, but you can do more.  Using comparative scores against USC and Oregon State, Penn State is 69 points better than THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, so I'm really counting on you.  I need you to be in a Nittany Lion t-shirt on October 25th.  If you don't have one, please let me know and I will gladly buy one for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herby, I have a serious complaint about your conference rankings.  I was at The Stadium Formerly Known As The Murph last night (along with thousands of empty seats) when San Diego State University completely dismantled the Idaho Vandals.  This much anticipated matchup of cellar dwellers clearly demonstrated that the Mountain West Conference is superior to the WAC. 

Otherwise, I don't have any major disagreements with your polls, although you're a little more impressed with large margins of victory than I am.  I tend to belong to the "a win is a win and a loss is a loss whether it's 59-0 or 3-2" school of thought.  However, there's no doubt that the Big 12 has the best quarterbacks and a lot of high-powered offenses.  Some of those teams look unbeatable right now, but a lot of people thought the same thing about USC a week ago.  Too many times we've seen teams look unstoppable for two months, then suddenly lay an egg against a seemingly inferior opponent.  I could cite numerous examples, but I don't want to bring up any bad memories, especially for myself.
Uncle Pen's Friend
Julia, if you need some Nittany Lions attire I have a few unused Penn State toothbrushes.   Do you want me to send you one.    I certainly had my game day attire on last night.   Nittany Lion shorts, t-shirt and Crocs.  Plus the bottle coozie was close by too.   It's early in the season and as a Penn State fan we know what lies ahead.   Ohio State......  That's Penn State's biggest hurdle.   Best of luck next week.


Excellent idea, UPF!  Please make sure that the Prez has all of the Penn State toothbrushes, Penn State dental floss, and Penn State water pics that she needs.  A Penn State night gown would also make a lovely addition to any Prezidential wardrobe.

Gary Kennedy
So anyway, I had a lovely hump day yesterday.  I was in the bar by 8:45 AM to watch the BUCKEYE game.  Fortunately, OSU was able to build a secure lead, because I had to leave early to go to work at the SDSU volleyball match against the Horned Frogs.  I must say that I really resent these Saturday afternoon volleyball matches which tend to ruin the day of football.  I would love to get somebody else to do it, but it's very difficult to train competent volleyball statisticians.  Either that, or maybe I should just try to get one of those Monday thru Friday jobs.

When I was at the bar, I got very interested in the Mississippi-Florida game.  As it turned out, I would have greatly enjoyed seeing the ending of that game, but I was only able to follow it on the computer.  I work with a completely obnoxious Florida fan who has been constantly predicting that the Gators will win the national championship.  Tomorrow will undoubtedly be the first time that I've ever actually been happy to see him.

So after volleyball (Frogs won in 3 quick sets), I picked up some carry out Thai food and headed to the stadium.  While I was eating, I watched the Wisconsin collapse against michigan.  It was one of those games where it's a shame that somebody has to win.  I've been expecting the wolverines to turn things around, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly.  In the first half, they had 5 turnovers and 1 first down.  Then they suddenly score 27 points in the last 18 minutes and win the game.  Very annoying.  It doesn't exactly break my heart to see wisconSIN lose, of course, but I just hope that they've got another one in them this Saturday.

During the SDSU-Idaho game, I was flipping the TV back and forth between Bama-UGA and Illnoise-Pennsylvania State.  The good news is that we're supposed to be getting a second TV in the scoreboard control room, but right now we only have one.  I was blessed with very little talent in this life, as you probably already know, especially if you've met me.  However, I'm actually very good at accurately operating the scoreboard for one game while watching several others on TV.  That talent will be severely tested on October 25th, because SDSU has a home game during the Penn State-OHIO STATE game.  Actually, I still haven't given up hopes of bailing on work and going to that game in Columbus.  If I can get two tickets, I might try to take the Prez for good luck (don't tell her, though, because I don't want to get her hopes up).  It would make a nice little trip, especially since the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE will be playing in the great state of OHIO on the 24th.

Speaking of RHONDA VINCENT, I guess this isn't technically a college football message board.  So if anyone wants to give a live report about the RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE performances at Dollywood this weekend, that would be really cool.  We already know that they were great, but maybe somebody could let us know just how great.  On the other hand, I guess that's not something that can be put into words. 
Mike B
Mr. K -Please accept my humble apology for the etiquette infraction.  Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.  Is it ok to use the small font when referring to that school in Tuscaloosa?
That school in Tuscaloosa looked like the team we have come to know and love during the third quarter Sat. night.  The rest of the game was like nothing I have ever seen from UA.  I think the folks in T-town are beginning to see a return on their $32 million investment.
As for my guys, I agree with GLK that a win is a win.  We simply don't have the personnel for this offense, and I am not sure about the offense itself.  Auburn football always has been and should be about running out of the I.  Of course, if we average 50 points per game next season my opinion could change.
As one who has resided in Tuscaloosa since the days of The Bear and an ardent supporter of The Crimson Tide, I'll just say y'all go right ahead and use that small font ... especially you Auburn fans. Saban wasn't kidding when he used the word 'dominate' regarding 'our in-state rival' during his first presser when he came here. And yes, I know all about 'the streak' and 'the thumb'. Just hope you have all enjoyed our down years because the day of reckoning is upon you.

As for Missouri ... when y'all actually play somebody, let me know. Guess that will be October 18th, eh? Until then, we'll just take our wins over two Top 10 opponents (Clemson and Georgia ... on foreign turf, no less) and build upon them week by week. So what's the most important game in Tuscaloosa? The next one. Kentucky, you're next!

Ohi-uh oh State? Please. We in the SEC know the name of that tune all too well, and Southern Cal must've learned it from Florida and LSU.

And regarding our brethren in Athens, Georgia ... they have nothing to be ashamed of. In keeping with their Bulldog namesakes, they fought, clawed, scratched, and never said die. I, for one, am glad the game didn't last 5 quarters. Georgia Bulldogs, I salute you! You were valiant in defeat and I wish you well until we meet again in Atlanta on December 6th for the SEC Championship Game!

(Get well soon, Knowshon ... you won't be needed this week vs. Tennessee.)

THE Herb
Bama...I congratulate you on your win in Athens. The Tide looked very good. Saban is an outstanding coach. He's 1 of the few coaches I know that can come in and turn a "corpse like" program into a winner quickly. Beware though, he'll leave you for greener pastures soon. His past chronicles his future. He's all about the money.
Georgia was definitely overrated, and it showed in the 1st half Saturday night. The game was over by halftime.
As far as the SEC...the so called elite teams lost a lot of credibility by losing to teams they should have beaten by 40 or more. Ole Miss, Miss St. Tennessee, are not good teams this year.
Auburn has a great defense, but zilch for offense. The spread is a great offense, and tough to defend, but you have to have the personell to run it. Give them a couple of years, and they'll be a force to contend with. 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense is finished. You better be able to run the spread or a pro style offense, or defenses will shut you down with lesser personell. In other words, the best team won't win.
Mizzou only has 1 win against a top 20 team (see Illinois), but they have beaten the teams they were supposed to beat, and have done it in convincing fashion. That's not always an easy feat. ( see Florida at home against Ole Miss)Their tough games are certainly ahead of them. Last time I looked, there are 6 undefeated teams in the Big 12. This makes them the best conference in college football led by Oklahoma the best team in college football. Oklahoma is tested and proven in all facets of the game.
Don't forget, Mizzou dominated Arkansas in last years bowl game. We beat them on offense, defense, desire, and in every way you can imagine. Yes, this was the same Arkansas team that beat LSU....the eventual national champion.

The SEC will need to show me a little more before I can put them back up there with the BIG 12. Right now, the only team that has impressed me is Alabama, and that is week to week.

There's a long way to go in the season. I'm sure Mizzou will stumble somewhere along the way. I also know that they will need to go undefeated, and beat Oklahoma in the championship game to get to the BCS championship game. If we lose a game in September or October we won't get the same treatment as USC Ohio ST, Georgia or Florida. If they go undefeated through the season, and then lose in the BIG 12 championship game, they will most likely get shunned again by the BCS, and the SEC bias' media, and have to play a lesser team in a bowl like last year.
That's college football, and that's what makes it so fun.

Hokies shucked some corn on Saturday night!  Hard to say how Nebraska will react against the Tigers. 

Mike Garlock
Ouch Bobby!

    You got em all in one Post!  Mike G.

P.S.-As Tom would say Post more often!
The Ol' Dawg

Sounds like THE Herby is already makin' excuses. Worried 'bout playin' a Nebraska team that can't even beat an ACC team. Come to think of it, neither could Colorado this week either. And Texas A&M barely won that EPIC "life and death" struggle against those Army Cadets. And let us not forget that VERY IMPRESSIVE victory by Mizzou last week over Buffalo - That's the UNIVERSITY of Buffalo, folks, NOT the Buffalo Bills. They rolled to that 3 touchdown victory over the Bisons after playin' toe to toe with 'em for three quarters. Only scored 42 - Gave up 21. Seems like an excessive amount of points to give up to a team of that caliber - Seems like they should've scored more, too. Dang, Y'all - This sounds like the same criticisms levied by Herby against other folks and their schools, callin' 'em "unimpressive" victories, 'cause they ain't lopsided enough, Guess that dudn't apply to Mizzou, huh ? Big 12 ? Yeah, buddy.  You just keep on drinkin' your Big 12 Kool-Aid until the conference starts "cannibalizing" each other, like every other conference does. And, who knows ? Maybe Oklahoma will once again represent Y'all as Your Conference Champion and "have their head handed to 'em" again in this year's BCS bowl appearance. I mean, REALLY - Boise State ? Stuff like that speaks VOLUMES 'bout Big 12 dominance. And, for what it's worth, The Dawgs got beat but STILL have a fine team. Ohio State STILL has a fine team, Southern Cal does, too, I know that the Trojans are tickled to death to get your "free pass" on their misstep. Fortunately, the Herb Polls are not acknowledged by anybody but yourself. A good thang, too - College Football has a big enough mess on its hands and would certainly be worse if your polls had any validity. Like we say down here in the South (that you so LOVE to put down), "My cow just died and I don't need your BULL!!!" Have a great day there, Buckaroo !!!   

Barb W
I was planning on going to watch the game Nebraska vs Mizzou game at Hooters and eat free wings with friends while wishing I was in Lincoln. Last night my brother called to tell me that he had tickets for me--I like him better today than I have since the day he was born.

I have never been to Lincoln so I am so excited--LET"S GO TIGERS!!!!!!

We don't have much to cheer for in Missouri with the Cards, Rams, or Chiefs but our Tigers are the best!!

Herb, the Schuyler Co Booster Club is raffling off OK State vs MU tickets!
Wow this is getting really mean in here I'm liking baseball more and more all the time.....even if you narrowly beat a really bad team, it still counts as one in the win column, just the same as if you beat the best team by 10 runs

I'm taking cover before shots start getting fired in here!!!
Mike Garlock
Ouch Mike,

    It's a good thang that Rager's are like a fine watch.  A Timex!  They take a licking and keep on ticking...The way the Herb's luck is runnin' the Cubbie's will be World Series Champs!  Wouldn't that be sumptin'.  Mike G.
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