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Mike B

Don't worry Julia... this is what we do for fun down here!  Just go to any restaurant, bar or office break room in the Deep South and you can hear much worse than this.  Gotta love it!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Don't worry, Prez - Herby's been takin' unnecessary shots at the Dawgs since the beginning of the season. Anybody that knows ANYTHANG 'bout me knows that I ALWAYS will defend both the Queen and the Dawgs from unfair attacks. Herby just needs to realize that his "glass house" is susceptible to flyin' rocks in his direction, too !!!

Ouch Mike G....Everybody in Cubbie land is trying to figure out how they will blow it again this year. IF, they did happen to win the WS, they wouldn't know how to act. They wouldn't have anything to complain about anymore.

Dawg...Don't worry. If I throw a rock your way, you'll know it in no uncertain terms. I don't miss!!!!!

We're just as proud of Mizzou as you are of the puppies. College football has as much passion in the midwest as it does in the south. You don't have the corner on the market. Your Pups got their butts kicked in their home court on national TV. That's worthy of strong chastising. Especially since they were rated #1 preseason. Quite frankly, we get tired of hearing about the SEC and how great they are. So any time they lose in embarrasing fashion, (like this past weekend)we'll jump on that like a pack of wolves.
The same can happen to Mizzou at any given time. But until then, it's time to kick the Doggies. My skin is thick. I fully expect the same treatment when/if we lose in the same fashion.

Mike B. You're absolutely right. We'd rather argue about football than any political or economical topic here in the midwest. It gets really rowdy at the golf course. Fun times are here again!!!!!


If I remember right WVU (Big East) put the DAWG back on the porch a few years ago  

The Ol' Dawg

HMMMMMMMMM - That's funny, I thought this was 2008. Guess all that West Virginia has to hold onto these days is a bowl victory from a few years back.

Let me bring some sanity back to this post. Here are your picks for this week.

WVU 28 Rutgers 10
Oklahoma 50 Baylor 7
Penn St. 35 Purdue 10
Florida 45 Arkansas 7
Alabama 35 Kentucky 7
USC 42 Oregon 10

Now for the tough games.

The Ohio St. 21 Wisconsin 18 This game could go the other way just as easy.
Vandy 14 Auburn 10  Sorry Mike B. Vandy wins at home.
Texas Tech 35 Kansas St. 31. Tough game to pick. Could go either way.
Missouri 45 Nebraska 24 ***Upset alert*** Tigers haven't beaten Huskers in Lincoln since 1978. James Wilder (The Sikeston train) rushed for 191 yds and 4 touchdowns.

Although there will be some scares this week, I feel most teams will hold serve after last weeks debacle.

Good luck to all.
Back to the Barrooms

So I suppose you're wondering what this has to do with college football.  Well, I'll be happy to explain it to you, but you'd best get comfortable because this could take awhile.

Last year at this time I went to Lincoln, Nebraska for the Mizzou-Nebraska football game which was actually in Columbia, Missouri but as luck would have it, the incredible RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE were playing at a festival in Lincoln on that very same day.  So between their afternoon and evening sets, I borrowed Nanny's car and drove to a nearby sports bar where I was allotted one TV in the corner to watch the  OHIO STATE-Purdue game while everyone else watched the local heroes get their husks kicked by Dear Herby's Tigers.  Quietest sports bar I've ever visited.

So then I zipped back to the festival where the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT almost got us both killed when she stood on the stage and asked me for an update on the Missouri-Nebraska game.  You know how that girl is, she can't even function until she gets her football scores.  At the time, she was in the middle of an amazing comeback from a bout with laryngitis.  I'm no doctor, but I seem to recall that the cure had something to do with rubbing something on the bottoms of her feet and wearing warm socks to bed.  Anyway, I was completely thrilled that RHONDA was able to sing, especially since she could barely talk the day before.  After that, Nanny and Bec dropped me off at the KC airport at 3:00 am in the morning so that I could Fly Me To Frisco and then Bec met Matt and they had a wedding at Sally Mountain which many of you attended.

So now it's a year later and RHONDA VINCENT is home cooking dinner for Herby, the Tigers are about to invade Lincoln, and the OHIO STATE-Wisconsin game is on an ABC regional telecast opposite USC-Oregon.  That means that I can't watch it from the comfort of my couch, so it looks like  I'm headed Back to the Barrooms. 

Which reminds me of an amazing weekend that I had back in October of 1980.  At the time, I had one of these weird Monday thru Friday jobs, so I could do whatever I wanted on the weekends.  On Saturday, I went to the Norco Bluegrass Festival (near LA) to see the great Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys.  Then on Sunday morning I drove over to Anaheim Stadium for a concert which featured Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Emmylou Harris.  I had a front row seat, although the stage was out near second base and they didn't let anybody on the field, so it wasn't like being in the front row at a bluegrass festival.  It was still an amazing concert and Merle did a live record which I have, but I didn't realize until tonight that there's also a DVD, which is what this clip is from.  Since I don't have to be at work until 4:30 PM tomorrow, I may be up all night watching youtube.

So anyway, I used to be a big country music fan and The Hag will always be one of my all-time favorites.  To be quite honest, it's been a long time since I've even listened to country radio, so I don't know very much about the current performers.  Whenever we're voting for RHONDA 's videos on CMT Power Picks, a lot of times I've never even heard of the other artists.  

I know that there a lot of people on this message board with some very strong opinions about the current state of country music.  So just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone has come along in the past twenty-five years or so who even comes close to Merle Haggard.

See, I told you this was going to be about college football.  Go BUCKEYES!!!

Mike B

Brutus - one of the best country songs in the last 20 years or so is "World's Biggest  Fool" by Rounder recording artist Rhonda Vincent(she's a BIG football fan too!).  She is known primarily for her bluegrass music, but she is an AWESOME country singer as well.  I can't wait for her next project to be released so I can hear what swing-beat song(s) she includes on it!  Give her a listen Brutus!


Not sure if you ever read Pat Forde's columns on ESPN.com, but his latest can be read in its entirety here:


But here are some excerpts I found interesting:

End-of-September conference rankings: 1. Southeastern . Seven teams in the Sagarin top 30, and eight teams are among the top 50 toughest schedules played to date. 2. Big 12. Five undefeated teams, but only one has played a top-75 schedule (Colorado, 50th). 3. Big Ten. Nothing to get too excited here beyond Penn State -- and the Nittany Lions have to prove it on the road first. But there are six teams in the Sagarin top 35.

But you will love this one ... and you should! 

End-of-September Heisman ballot: Pick a Big 12 quarterback. 1. Chase Daniel, Missouri. Averaging 353 passing yards and three touchdowns per game for the nation's No. 2 offense. 2. Sam Bradford , Oklahoma. Third nationally in efficiency after a career-high 411 yards against TCU. His string of 300-yard passing games is now three. 3. Colt McCoy , Texas. He has out-Tebowed Tim Tebow this year, throwing 14 touchdown passes and running for four more TDs (Tebow has just eight total TDs, as compared to 17 at this point last year). McCoy's stats are also very comparable to Vince Young's through four games of his junior year, and McCoy is leading the nation in accuracy with an 80 percent completion rate. (McCoy and Bradford square off Oct. 11, then Daniel and McCoy hook up a week later.)

Can't argue with the Big 12 QBs! Wow, that's some awesome stats!


Thanks for the info. I think some of these services are skewed. If they ranked all the Big 12 teams in the top 50 preseason poll like they do for the SEC every year, then we would have the best ranking. But, since they rank the SEC teams in the preseason in the top 50 whether they deserve it or not, then they have the best ranking.
The SEC is no doubt a very tough conference. So is the Big 12. I rank the Big 12 ahead of them this year based on field performance. The top 3 in the Big 12 are as good, if not better than any teams in the country. I can't understand how they can think Florida is a top 15 team when they get beat at HOME against a very weak Ole Miss team. USC is in a similar boat. Although they did get beat on the road. Home field advantage in college football is huge. Georgia was humiliated at home against Alabama. Alabama is very good. But how can Georgia be considered a top 15 team, much less the #1 preseason team, by having anybody come into your field and slap you around like Bama did. If that happened to any other team in the country outside of the SEC, they would drop out of the polls completely. Thus the SEC media bias I was speaking
of. This is something that is tough for the rest of the country to swallow. I don't care who has won the past years championships. This is a new year. The past has nothing to do with it, except for how many returning starters you have from a team that was good the year before. And that can only rank you in preseason. When the season starts, it's done on the field. Just ask Georgia, Florida, and USC.
Ask them how their preseason ranking helped them get humiliated on the field. Yes, Mizzou has played some weak sisters, but we have beaten them. The same can't be said for Florida and USC.
When/if Mizzou gets their lunch handed to them ON the field, then I will say the same about them. But for this week, those other 3 teams shouldn't even be on the horizon of the top 15 teams in college football.
Enough said.

The quaterback thing I knew about. I read in 1 publication that the Big 12 had 8 of the top 30 quaterbacks in the country this year.

I would probably rank Sam Bradford of OU and Colt McCoy of Texas in a dead heat right now for the Heisman, and Chase Daniels a distant 3rd. The running back from UConn 4th. Jeremy Maclin and the receiver from Texas Tech tied for 5th. This could, and probably will change by the end of the year. I'm probably missing someone, but I can't think who it is.

Thanks for the info.
The Ol' Dawg

Why is it that "This is a new year." when Herby wants to trash the SEC, but, it's all about "past history" (not winning in Lincoln, NE since 1978) when Herby wants to make pre-game excuses for the Tigers. If Mizzou is indeed a top five team, they shouldn't be too worried about facing a Big 12 "also-ran". After all, they haven't been the "Nebraska of olde" in quite a few years. Sounds like Turbo Herbo has a lot of SEC envy, jealousy, or both, to me.

Is it time for Spring Training yet????
Mike Garlock
Evening Everyone,

    I'm just getting ready to Celebrate our Fall Harvest Weekend here in Apple Country and Syracuse having a Bye Week.  I get a extra Week to get ready for the Spanking Susan's Team will put on us...Mike G.

Herby you are the man!! I think your picks should be the OFFICIAL PICKS of the week!  You are very insightful!  Mike G we will try and take it easy on your team

You need to go scratch some fleas or something. We're not afraid of Nebraska, or anyone else. The facts are, we haven't won there in 30 years. Playing on the road is always tough, no matter who you play. (see USC vs Oregon St.) We should beat Nebraska by 30 points. I don't know if we will, but 1 thing is for sure, it will be decided on the field. For now, the preseason poll didn't have us overrated like they had the puppies. If they lose on Saturday night, I will have them in the same dawg house as your puppies are in.
Every team needs to worry every week no matter who you play. The first time you don't, you'll get slapped for 31 first half points and embarrass yourself on national tv. Sound familiar Dawg?

I don't know what you're sniffin' but there ain't no jealousy or envy here in Missouri. The facts are the facts.
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