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The old Swami had a good week. 10-0 on predictions. Some of them were close to the final score. Here is the new top 10 for the week. There are several newbies knockin' on the door of the top 10.
1. Oklahoma
2. LSU
3. Mizzou
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Texas Tech
7. Penn St.
8. BYU
9. USC
10. THE Ohio St.

Close but no call.....Utah, Vanderbilt, Georgia.
Uncle Pen's Friend

Isn't Penn State #6 and Texas Tech #7?

Not in the Herby poll. You never know what it will be next week though. Penn St. still has a lot to prove to me. The next 3 weeks should give a good barometer on how good they are. If they come through unscathed, especially with the tough road games they have ahead, I'm sure they will move up in the eyes of Herby. Their conference hurts them also. Although, Ive moved the Big 10 up to #3 in conference power ratings, they still have a ways to go to catch up to the Big 12 and SEC. 
Penn St. and Texas Tech are in the same boat as far as I'm concerned. They are both still unproven. Tech is senior laden, with a high powered offense. They went to K-State, and took them apart. Road wins in any conference really catches my eye. To do it in the fashion they did, was impressive.

I probably should have Penn St. and Texas Tech tied. That would solve this till it gets taken care of on the field.

Stay tuned next week. I'm sure there will be some shake-ups, as there are some powerful games to be played. I'm trying to pick which 10 games I'm going to pick. There are so many.
OK...Herb the Swami has this weeks picks for you. A few upsets, but nothing like 2 weeks ago.

Oklahoma vs Texas...Oklahoma is a great all around team. I think Texas pass defense, and lack of running attack will be exposed. Oklahoma 35 Texas 17

Tennessee vs Georgia...The Vols just aren't very good. Georgia has had a week to lick their wounds, and will be thirsty for some Volunteer blood.
Georgia 38 Tennessee 7

LSU vs Florida ****Upset special**** Florida gets revenge for upset against Ole Miss. Florida 17 LSU 14

Oklahoma St. vs Mizzou...Mizzou out guns the Cowboys 52-28

Penn St. vs Wisconsin...PSU wins in a close one on the road 24-21

Michigan St. vs Northwestern***Upset alert*** The Scholars pencil whip the Spartans 28-24

Clemson vs Wake Forest...The Demon Deacons win at home 28-21

Syracuse vs West Virginia...The 'cuse play inspired football against WVU but still lose 35-7

Louisiana-Lafayette vs North Texas....The Ragin Cajuns whip the Mean Green in Texas 42-17

Remember, this is not intended for gambling purposes. It's sole purpose is for entertainment. Any re-broadcast or any reproduction without the express written consent of the "Herb The Swami" is strictly prohibited.

Now on with the games!!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

Mizzou had better watch out for Okie State - 'Cause Gundy's 42 years old and he's a MAN !!!     The Tigers will "name their score" in this'un !!!


Sparty, you don't have to take that!

Tom Alman
Who is doggin my Spartans. I thought I only had Brutus to deal with. GO GREEN!!!

There you go again....Leave it to Brutus the Buckeye to stir up trouble. Just because I left the ohio state out of this weeks picks, and national exposure on the Herby post, doesn't mean we need to seek revenge by upsetting Sparty. LOL

Sparty, I think the Michigan St./Northwestern game will be too close to call. I picked the Wildcats, because you have to pick a few upsets along the way. It takes such a high ACT score to be accepted at Northwestern, I figured they would out smart the Sparties and claim victory. If they don't win the game, they will at least be able to provide jobs for the Spartan players after their college carreer is over with.

There are many formula's that the Swami Herb uses in this tough task of picking games. Many of which I learned while at Northwestern. (I drove by there once)1 of course is flipping a coin. Checking the moss on the north side of the house is another. And the ever reliable...checking which way the geese are flying. Sometimes I even consult with the weegie (mispelled) board. All of these methods are of the scientific nature, and would expect most to understand it.

Now, that's my logic in picking this game, and I'm sticking to it.
Oooooo Herby!   I love you!!   I hope your predictions come true!
Mike B

Tony Franklin was fired today as Offensive Coordinator at Auburn.  No word yet on his replacement.  Real shocking, huh?

The Ol' Dawg

Mike - Rumor has it that Franklin has already been on the phone to Fulmer about the Tennessee Offensive Coordinator job.    

Mike B

Anywhere but here...

Mike B.

I don't know Mr. Franklin, or anything about him. But 1 thing I can tell you, is the spread is the toughest offense to defend. If they get the players at Auburn to run the spread, you would like it a lot. Defenses can't key on any 1 thing or player. The spread has so many weapons, most defenses have to play some sort of zone, to try and contain each play to 15 yds or less. You can run in the spread too. The line splits are so big, it makes natural holes that a freight train could run through. If they tighten the backers, or bring the safeties up, you burn them over the top. Instead of sending 2 or 3 receivers out on a pass play, put 5 in the pattern and see what happens. You have to have a good O-line, a mobile quarterback that understands the offense, and can see down field, and speedy wideouts with good hands. There are only 2 drawbacks I have found to the spread.
1. Goal line offense. The line is not accustomed to drive blocking, thus lining up and knocking the defense back 2 yds off the ball to score is tougher.
2. It wears on the defense. The offense scores so fast that the defense is on the field for extended periods of time. Mizzou's defense averages an additional 30 plays per game. If you figure an avg of 3 yds per play, the defense surrenders 90 more yards per game than other teams do.

The good far out weighs the bad. In the spread you will score 70% of the times you possess the ball. It's very tough for other offenses to compete with that. 1 mistake, and the other team is now behind the 8-ball, and they know it. Your defense doesn't have to be the best on the field to win. Your offense will put so much pressure on the opposition, they will make too many mistakes. I think Mizzou has only punted 3 times all year. Get my drift?

Now the biggest problem....virtually all of the Big 12 is running some version of the spread. So each Saturday it's who can execute the best, wins.

Good luck at Auburn on your next Offensive Coordinator. I would think it would be tough changing offenses in the middle of the year.
Mike B
Herby... I don't think this was a theoretical or philosophical problem about the Spread.  This was more about execution and results.  The former OC came in during last years bowl preparation and had spring practice, fall practice and daily practice since the season began to make something happen.  We all saw the results.  Nothing personal against him; just not the right person for this job.  You are correct that pro-style offense must come to the Plains... just not this particular strategy.
BTW, thanks again for the weekly predictions.  Someone should email Corso a list of your picks.  He just wishes he could be so good!
The Ol' Dawg

The problem with Auburn is that they don't have the personnel to run the spread. Franklin really liked to throw out of it at Troy, but he had a QB that could run and pass. At Auburn, they have one guy that can pass and one that can run - Kinda makes it obvious what the plan is according to which QB is in the game. Auburn also needs quality wide receivers and an elusive back. All of their backs are basically "I" power backs, and they don't have a real threat at WR. I think that they had a mistaken idea of how good they would be from last year's bowl game, where they first ran the spread. Their opponent in that game, Clemson, chokes like they've swallowed a chicken bone EVERY single time they play a big game, and has for several years. Their spread looked good agaainst 'em in spurts, but, was inconsistent. I think that they would've had more success had they employed the spread as a change-up, or a situational offense, until they could acquire some better personnel groupings, and phased it in over a season. As far as spread offenses go, another factor comes into play with the Red Zone. The closer that they get to the end zone, the more that the area to defend compresses. Instead of having to cover 54 yards wide by 60 or 70 yards deep (in the open field), the area shrinks to 54 yards by 15 or 20 yards deep, allowing the defense more options. As a rule, most teams playin' against a spread just hopes to keep 'em in front of 'em, hold 'em to field goals, and hope that they can put some touchdowns on the board to offset it. But, the bottomline is what is with any offense or defense - You gotta have the talent to run that system, and Auburn doesn't have it yet. My question is whether Tuberville is gonna bail out on the spread and go back to "power" football, or, look for another coordinator that employs the spread.

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