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Barb W
Well, Lincoln was great and after 30 years we brought back a victory. The fans there were the greatest.  They welcomed us with open arms and were extremely nice compared to our past experiences in Lawrence and Ames.

Now they say the Tigers are headed for an offensive shoot out this Saturday against the OK State Boys! Every game is a test to see if the Tigers are as strong as the polls say they are. I will be wearing GOLD again this Saturday and headed for my favorite parking spot bright and early.

I make no predictions since you can never be too confident with the competition in the Big 12. We are the strongest conference--No question this year!

GO TIGERS!!!!! Herb and I may actually agree on something for a change!
Mike Garlock
Evening Herb,

    You had that Florida/Oakie thing right.  At the start of the 4th quarter it was WV-7 and Syracuse-6.  I was hoping Susan was going to be mighty upset after the game, but WV scored 10 unawswered points.  Now Mike B. has got to have his Pistons changing holes after today...Now can Mizzou hang tuff?  Mike G.
Well, it's over in Columbia, Mo. Ok.St. 28 Mizzou 23. Mizzou played uninspired football tonight. They were whipped offensively, defensively, special teams, and out coached miserably. Looked apparent to me they were reading too many press clippings. Losing on your home field is something you just cannot do, and be considered a top 10 team. Mizzou will fall this week in the Herby poll somewhere between #10 and #15. I tip my cap to Oklahoma St. They played a carreer game tonight. Chase Daniel is no longer a Heisman candidate in my books. He played poorly. Heisman Trophy winners lead their teams to victory. He had many chances and failed miserably. Coach Pinkel set the tone on the first drive of the game. 3rd down and 2 ft. to go for a touchdown. Stuffed on the 3rd down play, he chose to kick a field goal. Not much confidence in a vaunted offense. Fans booed, and the players hung their heads. Mizzou turned the ball over 5 times, committed numerous penalties (uncharacteristic for them) and dropped 2 touchdown passes. Defense played better than they have all year, but were torched for 2 long touchdown passes, and 1 long run from scrimmage.

Major shake ups coming this week. Stay tuned.
Mike Garlock
Morning Herb,

    I watched the Game last night and I was feeling your pain.  I was hoping Chase stepped up and made that play, but I have never seen that many blitz's.  They kept to much pressure on the Quarterback all night.  If he had more time in the pocket they would have won.  Mike G.
Kimberly Williams

Hook 'Em Horns!!


Mike WVU did not look good! I was really afraid

Mike B
Mike G. - I'm in better shape than you might expect today.  Looks like this is our time to be down for a while.  Been there & done that before.  I was a student at Auburn during the Barfield years...the years between the retirement of Ralph "Shug" Jordan and the arrival of Jawja Alum Pat Dye.  Probation, no bowl trips, losing seasons...you get the idea.  I remember well the period from '73 - '81 when we lost nine consecutive years to The Crimson Tide.  This too, shall pass.
OH Herbie! What happend to those pencil necked geeks? The John L. Smith days are over. We have a good coach this time. We may not win them all but wo wont get our fannies kicked every week. GO GREEN!!!

Mornin', all ... the view sure is nice here in the back seat (#2 in both polls) for a change. I, for one, am very happy for Bama not to be ranked at #1 with a bulls-eye on their back. Up until last night, I had felt that the LSU game would be a sure loss for us this year. But after watching Florida annihilate the Tigers in the Swamp last night, I like our chances ... even in Baton Rouge.

But .... as I have said before, the most important game is the next game ... and that is Ole Miss. And while they are no pushover, they are, however, next.

Congrats to the Coach Mack Brown and the #1 Longhorns ... they earned it the hard way ... on the field.

- Bama

p.s. to Mike B. - I feel your pain, brother. But if I uphold the Bama tradition of class, I will not berate or trash-talk your beloved Tigers. We know what's it's like to be 'down' ... but we would prefer that Auburn be at its best when you come to T-town this year. The game is usually close and hard-fought, current records notwithstanding.  Something tells me that this year will be no different .. but I looking for a return to the win column for the Tide this year.

Here is the new Herby poll as I see it.

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Penn St.
4. BYU
5. Oklahoma
6. Florida
7. Texas Tech
8. Oklahoma St.
9. USC
10. Georgia.

next 5
11. Utah
12. Ohio St.
13. LSU
14. Mizzou
15. Boise St.

Congrats to Texas and Florida on impressive wins this week. PSU clobbered Wisconsin. Can't tell if they are that good, or Wisconsin is that bad. Ok. St. played well and made the largest jump. Texas Tech was not impressive in their OT win over Nebraska at home. USC and Georgia re-enter the top 10 due to attrition. Utah is knocking on the door.

It looks like Penn St. and BYU will have the easiest road the rest of the way, with Texas entering a brutal portion of their schedule. (4 ranked teams in the next 5 weeks.)

The Swami Herb went 6-3 this week. (Actually 7-3...I had Ohio St. picked to win, and forgot to put them in the post) I'm 16-3 in the last 2 weeks...not bad!!!

I will have next weeks picks on Wed.
We "Texas Longhorns" Alumni thank you for your support!   My OU alumni friend here in Nashville will be sporting her OU hoodie inside out tomorrow in celebration of the 'Horns win!
Dear "Herby"

Thanks for yet another great prediction!  ULL beat UNT 59-30 and now has a 2-0 start in the Sun Belt Conference.  This is the first time in the school's history that this has ever happened! (Sad, isn't it? )

I'm pretty sure this is the first time that ULL has won big and LSU has lost big.  It's a great day to be a Ragin' Cajuns' fan!

...........cautiously entertaining visions of a 1979 National Title Rematch! The pieces are in place if/when Texas loses!!! 

Gary L K
Swami, congratulations on another good week, although I had a feeling that you were heading up the Chariton River without a paddle on that Northwestern pick.  The Spartans are tough this year.  I knew that Mark Dantonio was going to be a problem when he went to East Lansing.  He was Jim Tressel's defensive coordinator when OHIO STATE won the national championship in 2002 (can't remember if I've ever mentioned that season before).  I feel sorry for whoever has to play Michigan State next.  Hey Sparty, weren't you supposed to get me a ticket?

Swami, I don't mind you ignoring THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, but I was shocked that you didn't make a prediction on the big Highway 23 Border War Bowl last Saturday.  How about those Toledo Rockets!  I have no doubt that the wolverines are saving everything they have for their trip to Columbus on November 22.  michigan has nothing else to live for except trying to ruin my life.  With those two offenses, the final score will probably be 4-2 in triple overtime.

The other BCS poll comes out this Sunday, although most of the country will undoubtedly remain focused on the Bluegrass Cruise Specialist poll.  I can't see the future like Dear Herby, but I suspect that the Horns will get hooked and the Tide will get rolled somewhere along the way.  That leaves the BYU-Utah winner to play Pennsylvania State on the 8th of January (dissolve to the legendary Ben Hughes playing the fiddle). 
I'm not any good at makin predictions (other then RV&R are the best) But win or lose Sat the Spartans will give it there all. We couldn't say that in past years! We lack depth at many positions and some of our skill positions need upgrade. Givin enough time Mark will make this a much better program. Like Brutus,we would love to play the rodents from Ann Arbor right now. GO GREEN!!!

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