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Gary Kennedy
Here's the schedule for this Tuesday's episode of Power Picks on CMT:


We'll be voting during the second song of the show, so please be ready to start voting shortly after 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Mountain, 9:00 AM Central, and 8:00 AM Pacific.  Get those clicking fingers ready to vote for "I Gotta Start Somewhere" by

Karen in Ca & Mo
Just want to make sure I have this straight. I do live in CA and some times my bubble head isn't on straight!! haha...
This is Tuesday the 27th correct?
We will get our Queen in CA come hell or high water!
We live in po-dunk Ojai so with that said I'm sure she will not be coming to Ojai unless we can some how come up with $$$$$$$$$$$$ that it takes to have a private party. Would have loved to have her here to celebrate my 50th last Feb.
Living in S.D. have you ever been to the Longhorn near SDDU?
Samantha was a waitress there so just wondering.
Let's keep trying to get our Queen to come to California. Arroyo Grande that is so cool. I'm with you and will travel up and down the West Coast to see her.
But these gas/diesel prices so suck! It has hampered my style.
OK, have to brag.......................Tomorrow (Monday 5/26) Is our 29th anniversery!
A big shout out to Chris for surviving a marriage and 2 kid's and me ofcourse!
I love him so much...
Thanks to our men and women for there service and our Dad's for there's too.
A very happy Memorial Day to all, may it be a blessed one.
Our best to Rhonda, Herb and family. Be strong, healthy and happy. The Davis's..

Tom Alman
Finally we agree on something. See ya tomorrow!!!

I'll be ready Gary!!!
Geeze! Rhonda against another one of my niece's favorites...we are gonna'' win this time though.

Gary Kennedy
That's correct, Kim.  We have to be ready to vote tomorrow at 8:00 AM.  CMT will probably show a rerun of today's episode at 8:00, then tomorrow's show will be on at 11:00.  At least that's what happened last week.  You can still vote for RHONDA VINCENT at 8:00, but you won't know who's winning until Julia posts the final score.

Kim, I heard a rumor from a well-known advice columnist that there may be some more RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE shows in California next January.

Happy Anniversary to you and Chris!  Believe it or not, I was in the Longhorn one time many years ago to watch a college basketball game, before I acquired ESPN.  I still remember the game and I could tell you WHICH TEAM WON, but I don't want to offend anyone who lives north of Toledo.

Tom, it's scary how much we have in common!

Geeze Louise, we need you to distract your niece for three minutes.  Why don't the two of you build a fire together and you can send her to carry the underwood?

Everybody get ready to vote for

RHONDA !!!!!

Great idea Gary ...I will do that . We're gonna win this time...I can just feel it.

Kim from MO

I'll be at work tomorrow and unfortunately won't be able to help with the voting, but I HAVE been watching and voting all weekend so hope that helps out a little!  Good luck tomorrow Ragers, wish I could vote too!

Karen in CA and MO
Thanks Gary....

I just emailed family members that get up early and asked for a favor so hopefully they too will be voting. Samantha and I are in. (Chris too but he will be at work)
Will say an extra prayer tonight too. Louise's little girl will be the first one I pray for and will keep daily positive thoughts for her and her family.

The Longhorn is the same and has a great John Wayne memorabilia collection.
We too are big J.W. fan's. The Searchers is on as I write this.
Happy 101 birthday John Wayne you are a true American legend.

Happy Tuesday to all and hopefully Rhonda and the Rage will show the Country world that Bluegrass is alive and well in our great Country!
Thanks to all the men and women that have and will continue to keep America free, you are appreciated.
Thanks also Gary for the anniversary wishes.
VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! We almost beat Taylor Swift last week, I know we can win against Carrie if we all vote as fast as we can!!!
Oops, that should have been "aren" instead of "im".

Vote For RHONDA!!!!!
Gary, you may want to get a couple hours of sleep before the big event! We don't need you falling asleep at the keyboard!
I'm here ready and waiting to start voting for our QUEEN.
Charlie K

I'm here and I'm ready to vote. I don't have a TV at work so I won't know when to start voting. Might need some help on that one.

Has anyone got to vote yet? I thought my time to vote would be 9O C.
Toby and Julianne are still on there...been on since 8:00.
I'm finally free to vote this time!

T-minus 34 minutes until we kick some Power Picks butt!   I'M READY!!!

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