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Does anyone have any details about the show in Walnut Creek, OH at the end of the month? Show times, other groups with Rhonda, and anything else would be appreciated.

There is a link on Rhonda's tour page to the festival's websites. Click on the event calendar.

I called Walnut Creek and they said that the music starts at noon, there is no admission, just a dollar parking fee.  Rhonda is doing 2 sets.  1 in the afternoon and one in the evening.  There will be fireworks following the music.

Uncle Pen & Friend
I'm glad Harry got a response.   I e-mailed them and have gotten nothing.  

Williams & Clark Expedition and Kenny & Amanda Smith Band will be there.   There are also 3 others that I never heard of.  

John S
Steph and I went last year and it was really nice, and have made arrangements to go again this year.
The only trouble I had was when I called the Holmes County Flea market, where the event is held. I was told Rhonda was singing at this time and then the next. I posted what I was told and once we got there, learned nothing was as stated. Can we say embarrassed? But that is OK ... information can be mixed up and misunderstandings happen ... no big whoop (I've embarrassed myself way worse than that before ).
The area is amazing, the food is awesome, the fireworks are great and the music is totally off the hook. And all for a single dollar!!
My suggestion is for anyone going to try and go up the day before to explore the New Philadelphia, Sugar Creek/Walnut Creek/Berlin and Charm areas ... it is our favorite place to chill and relax.
John S

I'm glad I forgot the specific times they told me then, lol


   This festival is about an hour away from me.  I have gone for the past 2 years, first to see Cherryholmes.....really awesome!   Then last year to see Rhonda & the boys.  It is at the Holmes County Amish Flea Market.  More like a bunch of gift shop booths, not antiques.  An outdoor venue, bring your own chair, and plenty of sunscreen so you don't fry.  Be sure to bring "eating money"  the barbecued chicken (grilled, not tomato-y) and the HOMEMADE ICE CREAM  are out of this world!  Another great place to eat, especially for breakfast is Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant in the town of Walnut Creek.  There are plenty of gift shops and sightseeing...you are in the middle of Amish country.  I'm hoping Julia can come this year....last year, she gave some excuse about having something else to do...I think she said she had to moon her honey     ....no, wait... she called it a honeymoon.     ....(c'mon Prez!  What could be more important than a Rhonda Vincent concert?????).  Anyway, I'll be there...but my honey will not (olmtfiddler).  He has to work, burning up the asphalt, driving coast to coast.  OH, yes!  I almost forgot, the fireworks top off the evening at sunset.    
Mike Garlock
Hi mtnflower,

    We enjoyed having Sunday Morning Breakfast with you last Year.  I'll see you in three Weeks.  Mike G.
Yes, it is a GREAT festival. We live about 40 mins. from there and have gone for a couple years. We missed last year though. We will come for this time for sure. The Blantons are going to be there, and are really good friends of ours!!! For a family band, they are hard to beat. You all will enjoy them alot!!!! Anyway, we are looking forward to going and enjoying all the bands. Like I said, if you have the chance to go, go and you will love it. Also the fireworks is AWESOME!!!!!!
Did I just read that Tim (Olmtfiddler) will not be at Walnut Creek this year? No disrespect to Rhonda or anyone else, but he be my buddy and it just will not be the same without him   ... man, that sux
John S

   Dear Bummed: 

       Yep, you read right.  He's pretty bummed about it too.  But he just got a schedule change, and his company plans to keep him out driving into July.  So, we can be hopeful, even if it is not probable.  
MtnFlower, Richard and I plan on being at the show in Walnut Creek. Yeah we really should've been there last year ;-) but I think I would've been in trouble from the boss if I had shown up at that show
Gary Kennedy

Julia, there were quite a few of us who made the trip from Nashville to Walnut Creek last year, so I hope you had a good excuse!


   Which boss is that?  
Rhonda is scheduled to play at 6:00 and 9:00. Other bands appearing: String-a-longs, The Blanton Family, The Hart Brothers, The Vaughns, Kenny & Amanda Smith, and Williams and Clark Expedition

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