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We had a great flight Phoenix, then hopped in a long white stretch limo that was waiting for us at the airport.

Darrell's first ride in a limo!!!   :-)   He and Hunter toasted with water and coca cola.   

We are checked into the exquisite Westin Kierland here in Scottsdale. 

Enjoyed an incredible lunch. I can't stop eating. Everything is so good.

Corn Chowder Soup, Tomato/Cucumber Salad, a very delicious Rueben, several Mt Dews, and a peanut butter cookie.

Hunter & Darrell went down to the pool.  I forgot my bikini, and they don't have any for sale, so I'm going to take a nap before our sound check.

Have a great day!!!

Jim Hughes
Hi Rhonda....

Glad to see you and the guys are doing well and, I hope, enjoying yourselves in Arizona.    Tell Hunter that with a bib like that he should have a 4 pound LOBSTER in front of him instead of a glass of water.  lol
And, Kenny....   He looks like he is deep in thought!   Probably thinking about how the Red Sox are going to take another world series again this year.

Have a great time in Arizona and please tell the boys I said "hey"....

Thank you,


Tom Alman
It looks like a good time to me! Be safe Rhonda and the Rager!!!

donald b

yall have a good time and a safe trip back.wish i was there

Sweet Brenda & Him

So Glad you all made it..

Uncle Pen's Friend
I'm so jealous.   That resort is GORGEOUS!!!!!
Can you please send nice weather to Pennsylvania.   Gettysburg is going to float soon if we don't soon get some warm weather to dry up the rain.

Have a great time in Scottsdale.   I loved it there.

The Ol' Dawg
Well, Queen - That ain't Martha White Cornbread on the menu, so, I reckon that Y'all will just have to "suffer" for a while.   
Y'all have a GREAT time out there and a safe trip home !!!
scott and karen
we wish we was with you guys in az... i will have lobster for you all in rogersville nb canada in august.... let me know you want it i will have it..rhonda you dont like lobster... so do you want off the menu....
i can not wait to cook.... might not look like the food on the cruise but will be just as good
scott and karen

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