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Tom Alman
WANTED! Lost pampered puppy. Lost on internet. Willing to give large reward for his whereabouts! I've searched all the kennels in Georgia to no avail. it ainb't the same around here without him!

                      PLEASE HELP!!!
 Good Morning Tom!!!   AMEN! to that Tom.
Dawg! we  sure do miss you ...not the same around here without you each day.
PLEASE come home.
Fred Black

Yes!  The royal pooch is missed!

The Dawg ran back to his dawg house with his tail tucked between his legs.

What's the matter Dawg.....CAT got your tongue???  


DAWG what DAWG !! 

Uncle Pen's Friend

I'm guessing the royal pooch is heading to the great state of Tennesee to part take in the "Royal" event tonight at the Ryman!!!!

Fred Black

I hope so.... for a little while I thought that someone was being mean again and I was going to have to open up a can of... ... ... ... ... Alpo!

Kim from MO

Fred, I haven't seen a post from Dawg since that day.  I was wondering about him too.  Dawg?  Ohhh Dawg???  We miss you and your pictures!!

Tom Alman
No matter what Mike. We want you back! And I got your back too!!!



Vacation Fan

Hopefully he didn;t get hooked to the back of the station wagon like that poor little guy on National Lampoon Summer Vacation.........

Here He Is
Here he is?

DAWG what DAWG ???

Prez, we may need to do some deleting again. Seems like some folks just can't be nice. ???? & Betty, we know who you are, and would appreciate it if you would quit antagonizing others. If you don't cease and desist, then we will be forced to block you from the MB, and delete any of your posts. This will be your first, and last warning!!!

Herby Sandker
1 more thing....If you have any questions about what I posted, you may call me at: 615-390-8198. I will be happy to elaborate.

For anybody I missed, or feels like they are annonymous because they don't put their email address, please remember, all IP's are traceable to your location.

Any questions?????
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