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Rhonda & The Rage
A Ragin' Welcome to the new Captain of the Martha White Bluegrass Express - Jesse Lunsford!!!

Originally from North Carolina......Jesse now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Stephanie and children.


Welcome to the world of Rhonda and the Rage!


He dresses like that to drive a bus?? LOL

Whitey & Linda
Hi Jesse, and welcome to our world, and may I add: you could pass for Aaron's brother! Nice looking bus driver Rhonda, already looks like he will fit right in.

Now that's a sharp looking bus driver!!!

Sweet Brenda
Welcome Jesse!!!
A good looking driver!
I strive to be the best dressed driver in the business 

And thanks so much to all of you who I have met already, for the warmest welcome a guy could get.  You all are truly the best fans in the World.
Mike Garlock
Hi Jesse,

    We met when you drove to NY.  We better tell Linda you may look like Aaron's Brother, but your his Big Brother.  Jesse is a tad taller!  Mike G
Don & Ann A
Welcome to "Rageland" Jesse!     
See you at Sally Mountain.

Don (86) & Ann (99)
jim & mary goodman

Jesse we have already met you but WELCOME to the HELM of the Martha White Bluegrass Express and RHONDA Vincent and the RAGE. See ya down the road!

Welcome Jesse...you are in for the ride of your life.   Rhonda will have you all over these USA!    Hope you like COOKIES if I can go to a concert I will bring yall plenty!  OH, do you sing & dance?  just wondering , Rhonda has the best versatile group of guys in the business. They ALL wear many HATS!! lol   Hope to meet you soon!! TRAVEL SAFE

HOw sharply dressed he is second only to his smile.  He will fit in just right!
The Ol' Dawg

Jesse - Don't think anythang about it when you see me a sniffin' the back tar of the bus - I've done it for YEARS !!!   


Hi, thanks again for the warm welcome.  Gloria, I sing and play a little, but dancing is not in the cards for me. LOL  Can't wait for those cookies.  Mr. Garlock, can't wait for some more of them big red apples.  And Ol' Dawg, not sure how healthy it is to sniff the tires, but sniff away my friend, sniff away.  Just make sure somebody knows you're back there sniffing before we pull off

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Jesse,

    You wil have some more Good Apples on Good Friday...Sea you then!  Mike G.
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