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The Hughes Family

Welcome to the extended RV+R family. Great professional pic of you and the MW Bluegrass Express. Sounds like a perfect match has been found to transport our favorite BG band. RV+R are precious cargo, and special to many for sure(no pressure!). Looking forward to meeting you in person, most likely at SM. We are part of the ''quiet'' crowd in the upper left corner as you enter the park,ha ha ha!! We wish you many safe and happy travels.

Jim,Jane, Chris and Ben
Cape Cod,MA
Edward M. O'Brien

Welcome Jesse !!!! You take care of HRH and The Rage and I'll make sure that they save you some shrimp when you bring 'em into Sellersville .

Mary G
Hi Jesse, you drove my car to lunch in Mountain View, AR. I know Jim already posted our welcome but I wanted to let you know who I was. Again welcome aboard!! Mary Goodman
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