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Tom Alman
Hey Rhonda! YOu put out a great Video. It deserves some recognition. This is an easy one to promote. Like the lady in the video it is beautiful!!!

Tom Alman
We can all be PROUD! See ya next week!!!


Way to go Ragers!!  That was a big upset...kinda like the defeat of #1 Florida by the  #17 UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE RAGIN CAJUNS SOFTBALL TEAM!!!   See GK, my school can be good at something! (like hockey, water skiing, softball, and gator hunting )

Congratulations, Rhonda and all of the Ragers!
I would also like to thank eveyone for being diplomatic enough to not point out that the first two defeats were all my fault.  Obviously, the reason that we won today was because I wasn't able to vote.  So now I have to decide what to do in the next contest.  I just want to help the team any way that I can.  Perhaps I should consult Dear Herby.
Actually GLK, Dear Herby isn't the authority on this. This falls more into my specialty, call it the Pittsburgh Pirates syndrome While I know that they would be better off if I quit cheering for them, my team loyalty won't let me do it. Bottom line: You have to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!
OUTSTANDING everyone. I knew it could be done. I have seen this group do it in the past. Keep it up MOve this video to the top ten.
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