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Party People

Whitey & Linda

Beautiful Bride!! Love the dress Sally.      Linda

Sweet Brenda

I'm so happy for Hunter & Sally...they are going to have a great life.

Greg Corbett

So Happy for the both of them.... Great pics....


Thanks for sharing the pics!!


You all looked so happy! Thanks for sharing the photos. Where was the Father of the Bride??? Herby were you off crying somewhere?

Sandy, the pillow you made is incredible!!!

WHO WAS THE WOMAN IN THE SILVER DRESS? The Lady In the Bride Dress Was Sally ,She was a Knock-out..... Best wishes To All .By The way where was The Father Of the bride?

Linda Tippett

What a lovely wedding. The pic's were great. Congratulations to the Happy Couple.


Thanks, so glad y'all liked it. I was in such a hurry to get it into the mail, I forgot to take a picture of it. If you or Sally have time, I would love a pic for my quilting records. Hope to get away from my sewing machine soon and see you somewhere before Sept! LOL

It happens to be right here in the studio, while the honeymooners are out camping in their honeymoon tent.  :-)

I'll go take a photo right now.  :-)

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