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Julie from New Brunswick
A dear friend of my mother in law has passed away last night!! He had written a nice song for their 40th anniversary which he never had the time to sing it to them cause my father in law passed away before their anniversary, his name was Robert a truly unbelievable person who which just loved Rhonda. But last night another good person passed away he was a musician and a song writer he will be missed and please with all of us lets send prayers for his family in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia!

We will keep all the family in our prayers.  So sad to hear.


My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

You all are in our prayers, and I am sure the song is beautiful. God Bless.
Anne Horsman
Wendell was a special friend of mine for several years.
I attended all his concerts in New Brunswick.
He even called me to tell me he was going to Toronto to cut a CD, which is where he passed away suddenly.
He always sent me cards on my birthday, Christmas and other special occasions and he called me regularly. My husband and I went to his funeral to say goodbye.

I will have a hard time letting go, but I have his music that will live on forever.

I am sad, Wendell, but know that you will keep singing where you are!

Your good friend, Anne

jeff mcmunn
Hello Rhonda and all the friends of the late Wendell Roach.
Althought I personally never had the pleasure of sharing a stage with him.
He did deside to record one of our songs "Reserve  Me A Table".
I loved his version of the song. He had a great talent and I loved the twist he could put on a song and call it his own.
My Deepest Condolences to all of his Family-Friends- and Community.
Ottawa Ont.

Jamie McMunn

 I felt a deep sadness when I heard that Wendell has passed away. I first met him at a music show in western Quebec. He made an impression on me with his incredible voice and personality. It was at this same event Wendell heard one of our songs (Reserve MeA Table) for the first time and not long after that I received a call from him asking for our blessing to record the song. I told him that my brother (Jeff McMunn) and I would be honored. His version of the song was outstanding!

 Jeff and I recently lost our father and I can understand what his family is going through. Please take comfort in the fact that like my dad Wendell touched so many people with his music and talent.


When you are feeling low you can play his music and remember the man….



My deepest sympathies  

Jamie McMunn

suzanne meunier

je suis vraiment peinée de la mort de Wendell Roach j'ai l'ai entendu chanter dans un festival au québec et j'ai adoré cet artiste mes simpathie à la famille et tous ses fans

Judy Bourbonnais
Hye Rhonda Vincent. I heard some songs of Wendell Roach, never met him myself, but would like to know if he has alot of cd"s out and where can I buy them, play guitar and having a hard time to get them on the internet, for downloads. I live in Ontario Canada.

Judy Bourbonnais
377 East Boundary
Alexandria, Ontario
P.0.Box 1548 
Andre Picard
Hi Miss Vincent
I was Wendell's close friend and i was with him till the last minute. I am very sad to loose a "True FRIEND" like his song. just wanted to Thank you and all for the kind words to his familly and friends.

Thank You...
Frank Doucet
bonjour a tous,

j'ai appris cette terrible nouvelle du deces de Mr. Wendell Roach, ce merveilleux chanteur qui avait une voix extraordinaire et qui nous fesait rever a travers ces chansons magnifique, c'est bien malheureux de perdre un etre cher qui avait beaucoup de talent en terme de chanteur, bon courage aux familles de ce chanteur.


Colette Prud'homme
J'ai deux des cd que Wendell Roach a enregistrés. Sa musique et les paroles de ses chansons sont remarquables. Je n'ai jamais eu l'occasion ou la chance de rencontrer cet artiste de grand talent mais j'espérais toujours le faire. Un matin d'octobre 2007, ma soeur m'a appris la terrible nouvelle de son décès. J'ai été très peinée et le choc a été terrible. Moi qui espérais le rencontrer. Il écrivait tellement bien et sa voix était unique. J'aime beaucoup ce chanteur même si il est parti. Bravo Wendell! Merci pour la belle musique et les paroles touchantes que vous nous avez laissées.

Colette Prud'homme de Val-des-Monts
Babel Fish Translator
J' have two of Cd that Wendell Roach recorded. Its music and the words of its songs are remarkable. I n' ever had l' occasion or the chance to meet this artist of great talent but j' always hoped to do it. One morning d' October 2007, my sister m' the terrible news learned from its death. J' was very pained and the shock was terrible. Me which hoped to meet it. He wrote so much well and its voice was single. J' love much this singer even if it left. Wendell cheer! Thank you for the beautiful music and the touching words that you left us. Colette Prud' man of Valley-of-Mounts
Hi Ronda,
    I received a 2 cds over the summer and there was no name on these cds I listen to these cds over and over again this man had a voice . I would have to say he sounds a little like george jones and a little like sammy kershaw wow what a combination. Anyways I finally got his name over the weekend and went fishing for more songs and found out he's gone I'm sadden by this. could you please let me know if I can purchase any of his music. Thank you
                          Judy Madore
Brenda Roache
Dearest ones, Chers amis,

For the 1st time, I have read the remarks of some great folks that have written in, when Wendell Roach passed away October 14,2007.

He will remain in my heart & in my Country Music selection forever.
I also read , some of you had inquiries. Should you wish to send me an email, please feel free to do so at acadiancaper@msn.com

Wendell was my oldest brother. I am his only sister & I make my living here in Scarborough Ontario.
Our younger brother Glen, is also a recording artist. Vocals & instruments.

Pour la premiere fois aujourd'hui, j'ai lis plusieurs des bonnes remarks que vous avez ecrit envers mon frere Wendell Roach, qui est decede a Toronto le 14 octobre, 2014. Aujourd'hui marque s'a 7ieme anniversaire.
Je suis tres touchee par vos bonnes remarques.
Je lis que vous avez des demandes.  SVP, m'envoyer un courriel a l'addresse acadiancaper@msn.com  si vous desirez des reponses.
Wendell etait mon plus vieux frere et c'est ici a Scarborough que je demeure et ou sa partance ces arrive. Notre plus jeune frere Glen, et aussi un artiste. Vocaux et Instruments.

Colette Prud'homme ,Suzanne Meunier, Anne Horsman et Judy Madore sont une couple de noms que je me rapelle avec vos sentiments envers le deces de Wendell.

To all, I say thank you for keeping his music alive .
A tous, je dis un grand merci de garder sa musique vivante.  

A bientot,
Brenda ( Roache)
Scarb. ON
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