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Sally and Hunter

We want to make the official announcement in Rager Land that Hunter and I will be getting married. He proposed last night during our Tennessee Christmas. I was very surprised when I thought I was getting a guitar for Christmas, but inside the case lay a ring box. As I opened the box I saw a beautiful ring and Hunter got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The ring is a 1/2 carat princess cut and it absolutely perfect! It was a great surprise! Anyways, we do not have a date just yet but we will be happily making plans during this Christmas break! We will post some pictures when I can figure out how to put them on here. Have a great day Ragers AND THINGERS! hehe

Tom Alman
Congratulations to the happy couple and parents!!!

Uncle Pen & Friend


CONGRATULATIONS Sally and Hunter!!!!!

Great news!  Congratulations, Hunter & Sally!  

sherry f

Congratulations Hunter and Sally

Scott in Buffalo
Congratulations to you both!!    Now THAT'S the way to kick off the holidays. 

Scott in Buffalo

P.S.   To Hunter:  Maybe your future Father-in-Law to be will give her free copies of his Dear Herby manuscripts, so this union will get off on the right foot from the start.
Well, it's about darned time!   And it looks as if Hunter did right nice with the ring ... attaboy, Hunter! It's about time he quit fiddlin' around and popped the question!


Congrats to you both!

Now ... you're gonna need a good photographer. Sure, the cake is tasty, but those photos last a whole lot longer. I know where you can find a pretty decent photog if you need him. Let me know and I'll have him contact you.

BTW, he took these last month at Lillie Belle's in Franklin (TN).

Hugh @ Lisa @ Craig

Congrat Hunter Sally  .


CONGRATULATIONS Hunter and Sally, hope you the best.

Doug Carl
Congrtats from up here in Ohio
Congratulations Sally and Hunter.
Have a long and happy life together.
Beautiful ring!
Dr. George
May you find many, many, many years of happiness and fullfillment.
scott and karen
i love a wedding... so maybe on the cruise ...
scott and karen

Doug and Pat Miller
Congratulations ---    You think Rhonda and Herb suspected this was in the offing?  Its worked well for us and it certainly will for you two too.  Have a long life blending great music with your extended fan family.
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