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Connie Leigh
Matthew left to head on to Kentucky this evening after spending a whole week with his Momma!  I have held off on saying anything; because he doesn't like praise on anything related to the Army, BUT, MY SON, MR. MATTHEW, has passed all tests required to be promoted to a sergeant.  He should be pinned sometime in early June.
I am thinking he will be sent back to Iraq shortly after. 
Sgt. Matthews' proud Momma!
Connie Leigh
Ben hugehs
Tell Matthew CONGRATS on the promotion! We've all had him in our thoughts and prayers since we first heard he was heading off to war a while ago, and we will continue that until we hear he's home and OK for good
Have a GREAT night, Ms. Matthew's Momma!
-Ben Hughes

Congratulations Matthew!!! You have every right to be proud Connie!

Congratulations Matthew!!!

Tom Alman
Congratulations to Mattew! Be safe!!!

Jim Hughes
Hi Connie...

Congratulations for Matthew on his promotion and, to you for raising such a fine young man.    You all stay in our daily thoughts and prayers.   Take care always.   Travel safe Sgt. Matt.......


ps...  Tell the big guy I say hey!!!!

Congratulations  Sgt.Matthew...THANK YOU for ALL you do for us.
God Bless and keep you always safe .US Flag animated     

Congratulations Connie! You and your Husband raised a great Son.
Thank you Matthew for your service to this great country. My prayers are with you. The soldier, is always in my prayers, daily.
Kim from MO
Hi Connie,
I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with Matthew!  He's an awesome young man!  Congratulations on his soon to be promotion, I'll keep him in my prayers that he won't have to deploy very soon. 

Kim from MO
Connie Leigh
Matthew is the one on the right.  He takes his tall height from my fathers side of the family....

Uncle Harry

Congratulations Matthew.  And Thank You for serving.

Karen in CA and MO
Congratulations to Connie and Matthew! You both should be very proud.
I know what your feeling to have a week with your son Connie.
Our's lives in Bellingham,WA and we treasure his yearly or ? visits.
Hope you can attend Matthew's pinning. Great picture of him.
Thank him for his service and we will keep him as well as all soliders in our prayers. Enjoy your week....

Way to go Matthew!

CT Strickland Jr.
Glad you had some quality time w/ your son!
Congrats to Matthew and to a PROUD MAMA - Connie!!


I know this a proud moment for you. Our son was promoted last year and his dad got to pin the medal on him.  We were so proud of his accomplishments.
We are so proud of all of our service men and women.
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