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Good point Hank!

If it's still going to be bluegrass but with a different sound and Rhonda and Hunter can change to the new sound then why couldn't Kenny and Darrell change along with it. You know, anyone can be replaced and the show will go on, but I just hate to see two talented guys like Kenny and Darrell not to continue with the Rage. I've heard Darrell sing several times and he has that high lonesome sound that rarely can be found in Bluegrass anymore and he can play pretty much any instrument that he picks up. They've been several bluegrass bands that have went with more flashy wardrobes and singing more popish songs and in my opinion that gets away from the tradional bluegrass that we love. Take for instance the group Cherryholmes, to me they started out with good sounding bluegrass with a little bit of folk mixed, but now look at them with their wardrobe and their change of music, looks more like a group that Porter Wagner put together.

But, I will always love bluegrass and follow the bands whom I think sounds more like traditional bluegrass to me. I guess that's why if everyone like the same sound then we would only have just one genre of music in the world. I just hope that everything works out for everyone and that each person continues to produce beautiful music.
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