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Dear Herby
I've been summoned to Nashville to get the Gene and Rhonda project back on track. (deadlines ) I don't know how long this will take, or if ground troops will be needed. But one thing is for sure. I only brought 3 pair of clean underwear. Let's see how excited they will be keeping me here that 4th day, 5th day, and so on.  If this doesn't get the ball rolling, nothing will.

Monday...day 1....Let the fun begin!!!!
Otello den Hartog
At least the endresults will be worthwhile Herb I'm sure it'll turn out to be a fantastic project!

Good luck there!


Dear Herby
Day 1 went very well. Got 2 more vocals done on Gene, and the 1st single mixed. Mike Johnson came in and finished his steel work.

Day 2 will feature piano overdub, more singing for Gene, and mixing single #2.

My plan is to have all the pieces together and done by Friday, then mixing Saturday and Sunday. RV homonies on Monday, and done with mixing by Wednesday.

Someone will need to find a laundermat by Thursday, or things could get ugly around here...

Day 2...gentlemen start your engines!!!
Uh Herby....if you go down the hall to the kitchen and look at the door on the left....there is a WASHER AND DRYER in there.  I'll see if I can find a manual for you so you can figure out how to use them.

Mike G.
Dear Herby,

    You left out a trip to the Hermitage!

Dear Herby

No time for the Hermitage GC, but I did stop by the local range this morning and hit a large bucket.

The Ol' Dawg


No time for the Hermitage GC, but I did stop by the local range this morning and hit a large bucket.


"My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"    


Dear Herby

I think some of my clubs had a hole in them. Maybe I just forgot to take the head covers off.

Dear Herby
Day 2 went well. Got 2 more of Gene's vocals done. Piano is finished. Single #2 is mixed.
These 11-12 hour days will make a nice paycheck for me by the end of the week. (or an OLDER man out of me) Not sure UMM can afford all the overtime though.

Day 3....the last pair of clean undies are on. Gene has only 4 more songs to sing, and he'll be done. Maybe, we'll get 'em all today!!! Start mixing #3.

Cross your fingers!!! Elvis has entered the room!!!
Dear Herby
On day 3 we got all of Gene's vocals done, and single #2 mixed and in the can. Since we only worked 11 hrs. we decided to go to Douglas Corner and watch 45 RPM perform. Great music!! Saw the "Black Cat" and her wonderful husband Richard. I fully expected to see the drum set go crashing down, the lights explode, or the roof to fall in, but to my surprise none of the above happened. Suzie Q, I think her powers are weakening.  Good visiting with them anyway.

Good news on the personal front. Since Rhonda wasn't doing much yesterday, had her do some laundry. Clean undies for all.

Day 4 will be just my trusty side kick Joey, and myself in the studio. (he's the engineer driving this train. He knows what buttons to push on the puter.) Getting the files put together to make a song magically appear. That's our job. And you don't even need a magicians license to do it. How cool is that!!
don nz
You do a fine job Herb, after all this work,youre going to need a vacation, i know where there are some amazing golf courses and fishing spots.
Dear Herby
Hi Don,

Thought about you today. I spoke with a promoter from Australia. He wants RVR to come over there for a couple of weeks next March, and do 9 shows. Might have to slip over to NZ at the same time. What ya think?

Maybe she could hook up with Keith Urban and have a night of Country and Bluegrass!

I vote "YES" for Keith Urban!!! 
Don nz
I vote a big " YES " for RVR..........Herb, i love your sense of humour, I`ve only been dropping hints for 5 or 6 years,  you  know what i think.
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