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the storm still rages was the one that hooked me but what made me love her was when i saw her on crook and chase and she started to sing ant the mike started lifting into the air she never missed a beat just kept on singing they fixed the problem and she finished the song wow it was great.  my name is gerry iam from riverview new brunswick canada or moncton as some might say

Kim From MO

I was walking across my living room, had the tv on the bluegrass music station (no pic just audio) and heard a song with a voice that stopped me in my tracks.  I think the song was "You Can't Take It With You" (I credit that one since it's my favorite) and have been hooked ever since.  I joined the fan club shortly thereafter and have been Ragin' ever since.


I hate to sound like a broken record, but my first and still-favorite Rhonda song is "Midnight Angel".

The CD on which that appeared, "Timeless and True Love", was the 1st Rhonda record I ever bought and it's still one of my favorites.

Four of my other all-time "keepers":

"Homecoming" (the "Live" version)

"I've Forgotten You"

"Till They Came Home"

"Ashes of Mt Augustine"

-- Dean the Boston Boy
jenny and hanna

mine would be       Cant take it with you when you go

We were introduced to Rhonda and the Rage by watching the "Grand Ole Opry" back in 2001. The song that she sang was "Lonesome Wind Blues" and the rest is history. We request it every time that we see the band.  We have been fortunate enough to be able to see Rhonda 12 times in 2007, and 5 times this year, but who is counting!  Last weekend was GREAT at the N.C. Mountain State Fair, and on to DOLLYWOOD next weekend and then on to Walhalla. We would love to go to SALLY MOUNTAIN sometime.  It sure is a long way from S.C.  Ragin' is a WONDERFUL way to make memories!!!!!!!
(michael,tracie and ryan)

This picture was taken at the N.C. Mountain State Fair (September 14,2008)
I distinctly remember the first time I ever saw Rhonda perform.  I was watching the Opry one Saturday night when Rhonda and the guys just happened to be on.   I had never heard of them before and when I heard her say she was gonna sing a Dolly Parton song, I knew I had to listen. 

Jolene blew me away and I thought to myself "Well if someone can do justice to one of my favorite singers' songs, then she's bound to be good.  Let's hear what else she's gonna do."

Needless to say, the band played "I've Forgotten You" and my jaw dropped.  I LOVED the lyrics and was blown away by the mandolin pickin'. In an instant, I was hooked!  She said something about "Go to rhondavincent.com" and I immediately ran to my computer to find out more.

I bought the "Ragin' Live" cd and dvd and was blown away. She happened to be coming to a festival an hour away so I made plans to go.  It was my very first bluegrass festival, and I didn't leave my seat from the time the very first band got on stage at 8 a.m. until Rhonda played that night.  It was the most amazing experience of my life hearing live bluegrass for the very first time.   

I met her and the guys for the very first time that night...and the rest...is History!

So...to answer the question (oops Sorry!), I can credit "I've Forgotten You" for helping me become a Rager.
Well, the song that got me was waaaaayyy before there was a "Rage" but I remember it just like it was yesterday.  I was 15 years old (and it's too late for me to figure out what year that was ) but I can tell you it has been a while!  Anyway, the event was SPBGMA in Nashville and the song was "I Came On Business for the King".  Rhonda came out all alone and sang it just her and a guitar - and I'm pretty positive she was wearing a red dress - and I was just blown away by her voice and presence.  It was my first time to see her live and I became a fan at that very moment. 

Mike B
I had never heard of Rhonda Vincent or the Rage until a radio station in a neighboring town went to a bluegrass/classic country format around 2000 or 2001.  WQAH105.7FM(wqah.com) and afternoon deejay Carol Lynn have done more for bluegrass music than anyone else ever has in the North Alabama area.  Carol Lynn is a huge fan of the Queen and plays her music every day.
The songs that got me hooked were "Little Angels", "Is The Grass Any Bluer?", and "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor".  I like a lot of different artists from varying genre, but "The Storm Still Rages" is the standard by which ALL others are compared.
Carol Cox
     My alltime favorite song of Rhonda's has always been Deepening Snow. To this day, each time my husband and I hear her sing that song it brings tears to our eyes. We first heard her sing it when she was still playing with her family, more than twenty years ago. We aew hoping she will record it on her new CD. I became a member of her fan club in early 1994, before there was a Rage. There are just too many favorites that she and the Rage do to mention them all, but most of them are her gospel songs. A few years ago when she stood on the stage in Wilmington, Ohio in a beautiful red dress and sang God Bless the Soldier, I could not describe the emotions I felt at that time. That also brought tears. 
     We have only gotten to see her once so far this year but being able to come to her website each day and read this board keeps me so connected to her and to all of you. I am so proud to be a Rager and to have made friends with so many of you!!
     And , as most of you have already said, not only is Rhonda such a wonderful musician but such a friendly, caring, loving, genuine person! I feel very blessed to have her in my life!

My 3rd Rhonda and the Rage show was 11 1/2 hr drive (one way) from Summersville to Goshin(sp) IN.  The problem was it was a sold out show and I did not have a ticket in hand. I called a very nice lady at the school,( many times) making sure I had the ticket waiting for me.   When I got there a very sweet lady introduced herself. She gave me the ticket and ask if I was satisfied with the seat. I had not looked at the ticket. I just said I was glad to have the ticket   It was a front row seat    Rhonda did not know my name,( I think she said would the crazy lady from WV come up)  but called me on stage to do the train whistle. It was a great show!

the crazy lady from WV

You mean that's NOT your name??????
Dave Webster
If Heartaches Had Wings.  A classic piece of Rhonda's considerable body of works.  God Bless You Rhonda Vincent!

Dave Webster


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