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As Rhonda chooses songs for her newest Rounder CD, I was wondering what song or songs did you first hear of Rhonda's that led to you becoming a Rager. Did you hear the song on the radio, see her on TV or discovered her music at a festival....or something completely different.
Charlie K

"You Can't Take It With You When You Go" being played on CMT brought Rhonda to my attention. But hearing Kentucky Borderline played live at a local radio station event blew me away and I haven't looked back.

Ben Hughes
One of my favorite RV songs has always been Ridin' That Red Line. I also loved hearing When I Close My Eyes and If Heartaches Had Wings when we would see her live. I dunno what song(s) made me a RAGER... perhaps the ones I used to listen to over and over when I first got in to Rhonda's music... like Drivin' Nails In My Coffin, or Son Drop In (can't go wrong with those breakneck instrumentals!) and Ghost of a Chance off of the Ragin' Live album?


Uncle Pen in PA

I first heard Rhonda at Gettysburg and started to fall in love, but when I got "Back Home again" and heard "Land Where No Cabins Fall" I became a full fledged Rager.

''I'm Not Over You'' from Rhonda's Album
The Storm Still Rages is the Song that made
me a Rhonda Fan and Rager.  I saw the Video
on GAC in early 2003.  I have been a Rager from
that moment on and so very glad I am!!
"Storm Still Rages", first line and I was hooked. My brother brought me a copy of the cd to the hospital where we were sitting with our dad who was dying with cancer. I had never heard Rhonda before and he said you have to hear this lady. Been a fan ever since and attend every concert I can. Constantly telling folks about her.  Took my little brother and a friend to a concert who are great muscians. They were skeptical about bluegrass. They endured 2 hours of not so good music waiting for Rhonda.  They once started to leave and I reassured them they did not want to do that. They stayed and at about the 2nd line of her first song, they were on the edge of their seats. Now they are fans too.

I'd like to see an all gospel cd even if it was just a collection of what she's done in the past. I say this because my brother owns a gospel radio station and he loves Rhonda. But, one day a dj made a mistake and played something other than gospel and he got some negative feedback.  So an all gospel would make it easier to play on the radio and expose her to new people.
Good Morning Julia! I've had this same question on my mind for weeks.
Wondering which song all the other Rager's heard Rhonda first sing.

The first time I saw and heard Rhonda was on TV. It was the week of my first surgery. I was home trying to cope with having breast cancer. I was really feeling down on this day . Rhonda and the Rage were at our County Fair. I turned on the TV ...Jeannie Pruitt was introducing The Queen of Bluegrass music and the epitome of an all American Bluegrass Girl. Then I saw this beautiful classy lady come onto the stage. I love the banjo ...so...when Kenny started playing and Rhonda started singing '' Drivin Nail's''...I was hooked on ''Bluegrass music for life''. I enjoyed song after beautiful song ... and the best band I had ever heard.
So I started buying every cd of theirs I could find.
To this day ...every time I get in the car ...the first song I have playing is ''Drivin Nails'' I call it my road song.
some more of my favs that have a special meaning to me are''Out of Hand''  ''I'm Not Over You'' , ''Prettiest Flower There'' and ''Don't Act''.
Geeze! all of Rhonda's songs are special to me.


Mine wasn't a song, but Rhonda's approachability.  I've always been kind of a fan but when I saw her at Wind Gap a few years back and she signed and took pictures with anyone and everyone (it seemed like everyone anyway, when you were waiting in line, lol).  The very next day I began posting on the message board and you all welcomed me.

The first song I heard Rhonda sing was If Heartaches Had Wings. I had seen the video on CMT, and then found out Rhonda was going to be at our local fair. So Nikki and I went... duh! Then there was the fruit which led us to Carol Cox who bought fruit from us and then bought us membership packets. And we've been RAGERS ever since THANKS CAROL!! Love Ya
Mike Garlock

I remember that day in 2002 like it was yesterday.  I was watching CMT when a Video came on and I said to myself...Who is that singing?  I watched til the end so I could see who it was.  On the TV it was Rhonda Vincent singing "I'm Not Over You".  I didn't have the Internet at home then only at work (couldn't pay two bills) so, I looked her up and she was going to play at Harry & Scott from Buffalo's Festival in Warsaw, NY the next Spring.  We went and it rained all day (Pop-pop was probably there) I haven't been over her either!  I glad I was watching CMT that day, I hate to think of all the fun I would have missed and all the People I never would have met.  Mike G.

Tom Alman
Great thread Prez! I first heard Rhonda on the Opry early in 2001 and just had to know who had that wonderful voice. When I purchased the Back Home CD it blew me away. Of course I've been hooked ever since. To be honest I don't think Rhonda has sung a bad song, they all are great to me!!!


JOLIENE, heard it on the radio

Robert Hall
It was a long time ago,that I first heard Rhonda singing "I'm Not Over You" on TNN's "Video Morning" show with Katy Hass ,and Al Wyntor,probably around 1993?..
I immediately fell in love with her voice,and I longed to see her more,but they didn't play her video that often,or have her on any of their other shows like Nashville Now ,until a few years later..

One night I was tuned in to TNN to watch Holly Dunn perform on the Opry shortly after I first saw Rhonda's video,and I was happy to see Rhonda was going to be on the televised portion of the Opry too!--if I remember correctly,Holly was hosting the "Opry Backstage" show then,Bill Anderson and Porter Wagoner must have been on tour I guess..I think Rhonda sang "I'm Not Over You",but I cant recall the other song she did..(maybe "Mama Knows The Highway"?)..

It was a few more years until I saw or heard Rhonda again on TNN,when her video for "What More Do You Want From Me" was debuted!..
I liked that video a lot,wish I could FIND it,I did record it on my VCR--but I neglected to label many tapes!..so it's lost somewhere in a pile of unmarked VHS tapes in my room..

It wasn't until 1997,that I got to meet Rhonda for the first time--I was at Fan Fair,and she happened to be at the TNN booth!-I saw Shelly Mangrum from the "Club Dance" show they had, signing autographs,so I went over to get one,and meet her,and then I noticed RHONDA was standing next to her, in a stunning white dress!..and she introduced herself,and we chatted for awhile,Rhonda told me she was headed to Maine to do a show the next day,when I told her I lived not far from Boston!..(and if I was not going to be in TN until that Friday,I'd have gone to that show!!)..

I was very thrilled to meet Rhonda!..but at that time, I hadn't gotten any of her tapes or CD's yet,I couldn't FIND any up here in MA,so when I was in Nashville,I bought her country release on Giant Records "Written In The Stars"..(another song that hooked me on Rhonda back then!)..

I thought Rhonda had the best voice out of all the female artists out at the time,bar none,and I was very disappointed she was overlooked by both the industry and many fans,Country Radio was much too busy pushing artists like Shania,Terri Clark,Martina Mcbride,and many others,to give Rhonda any much deserved airplay...I felt she would have been a superstar, if given the chance to be heard..(along with some other very talented female artists out at the time)..

It wasn't until 2001, that I finally got to see Rhonda in Concert,at a small restaurant/venue called "The Iron Horse Music Hall" in Northampton MA..it was a 115 mile ride one way to that venue,but I was so excited about going to see her, that it felt like I got there in 30 minutes!--(maybe I DID,I probably WAS speeding! )..it was well worth every mile,I not only saw an awesome display of talent, both vocally and instrumentally by Rhonda,and all the band,(Audie Blaylock was in the band then too!),I got to meet Rhonda afterward, and we talked for quite awhile after the show..It was my first official "Bluegrass" concert!..

--I was blown away how they all shared ONE microphone,and managed not to bump into each other, or get poked by Hunter's fiddle bow on the tiny stage, as they performed..It was probably the most memorable concert I attended,for soon after that, they no longer used just one microphone..Then Josh was added to the band,after Audie left..

Though the band has had some members come and go since,the "Rage" is still the best band in Bluegrass in my opinion..and I've gone to at least 8 more concerts since then--I'd have gone to many more if Rhonda came this way more often,or I could afford to go to farther away shows..

After the first concert when I got to talk with Rhonda,like Harry said,I was very happy to see she loves to interact with her fans,like some of my other favorite female artists do,it makes concert going so much more enjoyable when you can meet the "stars" and get a autograph or photo,and chat for a few moments...and feel like your a friend of theirs,not just a groupie or "fan"..they treat you like a family member,not just some stranger looking for an autograph..they'll ask you how your mom is doing,give you a hug,and show they really care about their fans!..

...Rhonda was very sincere, and really listened to what you had to say,and didn't act like a "celebrity" at all,and that made me feel very at ease when speaking with her..usually I clam up when I'm standing next to a famous,talented,beautiful female performer,but Rhonda and the few others I like have never made me feel that way,you feel as though you have known them all your life,even when you first meet them!..soon I was spilling my guts,telling her how I'd just had a battle with testicular cancer a few months before,and had lost my dad a few months earlier too,and also had lost both of my best friends to heart disease since I last met her..Rhonda even remembered meeting me in '97,when I showed her the photo I brought!--she said she remembered that dress,and it must have been 1997!..Good memory Rhonda!..

I cant say one song in particular is what hooked me on Rhonda's music,since I love so many of her songs..but "I'm Not Over You" is probably the one,since it was the first song of her's I ever heard..but since them,I have had many "favorite" songs of Rhonda's,like "Caught In The Crossfire","One Step Ahead Of The Blues","If You Don't Love Your Neighbor","Drivin'Nails In My Coffin","Frankie Belle","The Ashes Of St.Augustine",and many many others,I find it very hard to say THIS ONE is my favorite Rhonda Vincent song,when she has SO many great songs..(some penned by Rhonda herself I might add!)..

The fact Rhonda's voice is heavenly and angelic,also makes EVERY song she sings my favorite..I can honestly say there isn't any songs on any of Rhonda's CD's I own,that I do not care for, or "skip over" when listening--not many artists have CD's you can say that about,most have at least a few "filler" tunes that aren't so hot on every CD..not so on a Rhonda Vincent CD!..

I'm not just a fan of Rhonda's music,I am a big fan of RHNDA the person too!..she not only inspires me,she HELPED me when I was down,and I will always be gratefull to her for being so caring and kind,and giving a fan hope..Rhonda was very ill herself the night she changed my life,and was facing a lot of tests at the Mayo Clinic the next day--yet she didn't let that stop her from helping me..
I think she's a very sweet lady,and deserves much more success than she's had,and to be inducted into the Opry too!..

God bless you Rhonda!..I'm not ashamed to say I LVE you!..just hope Herb wont beat me up for saying that!!..


My family had seen Rhonda Vincent on the Opry.  So at their recommendation I bought “Back Home Again” I loved the first song I heard “Lonesome Wind Blues”.   My first show was in 2002 at Lewisburg WV.    I have many favorite songs but LWB was my first favorite


Ann A

   What a great thread. We had heard Rhonda on CMT and had always liked her songs, but it wasn't one particular song that made us a Rager.  On March 16, 2003, way up here in the North, Tommy Hunter had a special on CBC "Talk About the Good Times".........Tommy is known as "The Canadian Country Gentleman". We were excited to watch and even tape this special as Don's 1st banjo student Sally (Shortt) Ryba was performing on the show with one of her banjo students 11 year old Issac Balsan as well 9 year old fiddler Tom Fitzgerald, whom we had watch grow up on Don’s parents Orono Fair Jamborees.  What a great show, and Rhonda did a superb job……..so did Sally and the boys.

     That August we made our first trip to Gettysburg PA for their festival. Listening to Rhonda sing gave both Don & I chills.  After the show standing in line, with our son & daughter to get a photo and an autograph, neither one of us could believe her approachability.  She took the time to talk to everyone and never rushed them off.  You knew right then and there that this young woman had not ever forgotten her roots.  She treated everyone like family and with respect.  I think for us that was the clincher. We have been fans ever since.

     At the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival in 2006, she and Hunter jammed with some Canadians (Lee, Matt, & Darryl from Timmins Ontario, and of course you know who……Don Adams from Port Perry, Ontario) under the MW Boutique. There was a huge crowd listening, and I have never heard so many comments about that small gesture.  People could not believe that a person of her recognition would take the time to jam with fans.  People are still talking about that moment. 

     We would read the message board but never had the nerve to get on and post anything (even Don………isn’t that amazing!!). It took us until 2007 before we ever posted anything on the board.  We were welcomed by everybody and the rest I guess you could say is history…………We are now full fledged “Ragers “.

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