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Ragin Rebel SC
I first heard her on a CD my Mother has, and just fell for the purity in her voice, and the traditional style of bluegrass singing she has. As far as songs, being a favorite, I could write all day.
I have all her CD's and have a copy in each vehicle, and the masters in the house. But just some favorites are: So Happy I'll Be, Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill, I Will See You Again, Kentucky Border Line. Just look on the song lists on the CD case's and you will see the rest. She just does something special with a song, the feeling she puts into it, and her love of music, and her love for Christ. But whatever it is I hope she keeps it up a long time.
                                                       Randy Strange
Don McLean
I love all R & R`s songs, some extra special ones,
Ghost of a Chance
At the Corner of Walk & Don`t Walk
Little Angels
Midnight Angel ( Bobby Osborne)
Together Again

But one song inspired me to quit how i was living,start saving , get on a plane and travel to USA to see  Rhonda & the Rage, live, was  "Medals For Mothers "
Probably that is the best sung, song iv`e ever heard ( if that makes sense)

Ol Mt Fiddler

Sorry, but I cannot pic a certain song that made me a Rager. However, the first time I saw RV & The Rage. The entire show was great.  At the show I found out they were going to be within a 2 hr. drive, a few days later, so I went to the other show. I expected to see, pretty much, the same show I'd seen a few days before. At the show, I don't think they did any of the songs they did, just a few days before. Totally, different show. At both shows the way Rhonda and the band treated the fans was great. Something your rarely see from other types of music or even some other bands. So, I'd have to say I became a Rager, because of the way they preform on stage, and the way they treat their fans. I, also, really enjoy the Gospel songs she does and with the heart n soul she puts in them. At these shows I meet several Ragers and Prez Julia, they too, are great reasons for being a Rager!!! 

I got hooked from the first time I heard the CD "Back Home Again".  I went to Dumplin' Valley that very first year that they had their festival, it was in Oct. that year, and we were all freezing to death.  She dedicated the song "You Don't Love God, if you Don't Love Your Neighbor" to Saddam Hussein, it is still one of my very favorites.
Jane H
'Fishers of Men'
Rhonda and the Guys arrived a bit late, the old old bus broke down in NYC,  the show at Strawberry Park, CT was moved to in doors because of late night noise regs. They  hurried to take the  stage in their travelin garb,jeans,etc and sang a show like I had never heard before. It was a magical moment.
A reaffirmation of that 'Rager' awe was 'Jesus Built a Bridge To Heaven'
Ragin Live is the video/cd I began sending as gifts to share worldwide with family and friends that have made them Ragers,too! Now they EXPECT the gift w/each project of  RV+R and any project each of the Rage releases.

John S
The first time I ever heard Rhonda was by the suggestion from a friend to get 'anything' I could fine by her, stating that if I liked AKUS, then I would love Rhonda Vincent. I bought Ragin' Live and we played it all the way to and from Cherry Grove, SC one year on vacation ... in fact that CD never left the car CD player the entire time we were there.  The first song I ever heard of Rhonda's was Kentucky Borderline, followed by Drivin' Nails in My Coffin (as on the CD) and I was hooked. Everything else on that particular CD was icing on one incredible musical cake
The very next week we saw her live and I was blown away particularly by Little Angles. It takes a lot to make me shed tears, but Rhonda's singing that song did the trick.
Both Steph and I are BIG fans of Jolene and whenever we get the chance to see a show, we hope, pray and beg for it to be done ... Rhonda's version is totally off the hook!
As I have said before, Rhonda's ballads are amazing, but the break it down and build it back the right way barn burners just cannot be beat.
John S 
Scott in Buffalo

" Is the grass any bluer".    hooked from then on!!!!

Tim A
The first time I heard Rhonda was on a Dolly Parton called Heartsongs. It included Carl Jackson, who I have admired for years, and Alison Krauss.

Rhonda and the Rage are awesome.
I discovered Rhonda thanks to Clarence and Catfish on Hanks Place
 XM 13. 
They both heavily promote her especially Clarence....also
discovered several items related to the band at a BP Station off
I-75 in London, Ky...
The Ol' Dawg

Well, Y'all - I reckon it's time for the Ol' Dawg to "testify" just ONE MORE TIME !!! The song that put me on "the path to Rage" happened before there was a Rage. I was drivin' down the road listenin' to our local "small town" AM radio station, back in 1991. It was typical in that it had all the local news, the "Swap Shop" show, local high school sports - The whole deal. What was different about this station, however, is that it didn't have a "format". If you called in a request, and they had it, it would get played. You might hear Roy Acuff, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, the Beach Boys, etc., etc. at any time, back to back, without 'em bein' divided into genres in different time slots. And, I think they must've had EVERY "novelty song" known to man. But, I digress. While drivin' down the road, the deejay said that he had a new CD there at the station by a gal named Rhonda Vincent. He said that he didn't know anythang about her, or whether there was even a "single" released on the CD, but, that there was a song on there that he liked, and he was gonna play it. The song was a "swing" version remake of the old Lefty Frizzell song, "I Do My Cryin' At Night" from the "Timeless And True Love" CD. Needless to say, I INSTANTLY "fell in love" with the voice a comin' through those speakers. Although I didn't know anythang about the future "Queen" at that time, I did know very quickly that she had become my NEW favorite "girl sanger". To this day, as far as I'm concerned, the ONLY two REAL women singers on the planet are Rhonda and Connie Smith. Everybody else "pales in comparison". I pulled off the road and headed straight to a pay phone booth (Pay phone booth ? What's THAT ? LOL) to call the radio station and get the name of the CD. I went from there straight to our local Mom & Pop record store to order the CD. After about 8 long weeks, the CD FINALLY arrived. I also don't mind mentioning that, after seeing the CD cover, Rhonda was (and is) as "easy on the eyes" as she is on the ears. I ended up ordering every CD in her catalog, and waited for the day that I could see one of her shows. Next up came the advent of cable TV in my area, bringin' The Nashville Network with it. I started seein' Rhonda on there from time to time, which made TNN "the greatest thang since sliced bread", in my humble opinion. One night in particular, Rhonda, although not appearing on the televised Opry, was on the Opry Backstage show preceding it. I was "blown away" by what a warm and sweet person that she seemed to be. I still hoped that one day, I would at least get to go to one of her shows and meet her in person. Well, friends and neighbors, It took a little over 10 years from the first time that I had heard Rhonda, until I got to go to a show and meet her. I was certainly not disappointed. If I had just gone to that one show, I would've been happy. But, the Good Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination in lettin' me, not only meet Rhonda, but, allowing me to enjoy her friendship as well. It starts with Rhonda, but, certainly doesn't end with her. With all of the folks here like Julia (The ORIGINAL Rager ?) and the entire Rager Family (too large to mention individually), the friendships that I've made is truly a blessing. I'll be comin' up on 75 Rage shows before too long - So, I can say that I've had a "large time" at least 75 times in my life !!!  Rhonda, I sure do love ya, Gal - You're the BEST !!! And the rest of My Ragin' Buds, too !!!

I first saw Rhonda tv she sang Little Angels
Sherry McCoy A

I first heard about Rhonda from my twin brother, Terry. I absolutely love the song, "If Heartaches Had Wings". I haven't had a chance to see her in concert but I love bluegrass and she just has a gift of song and from what I have seen on here, the gift of kindness toward others. Also, she plays mandolin and that made me want to listen to her music.

Steve Klein

Gee you guys are making me feel really old.  Rhonda with the Sally Mountain Show in Kahoka, Mo. singing Muleskinner Blues and playing fiddle and mandolin.  I won't give the year I just remember Johnny having to yell at Darrin and Brian to get off their bikes to come play a song.  Then they ran off the stage and raced off on their bikes.  Have been in love with her voice, personality, family, and every band combination she has had since then. They all just keep getting better and better!

Jean Trester

I never miss listening to "Prairie Home Companion" on Saturday night and to the replay again on Sunday. One Saturday night Rhonda sang "Is the Grass Any Bluer" and all I could think of was WOW!!! I went on the prairiehome.org website so I could write down the name, of the singer, and checked out Rhonda's website and started posting on the message board. We went to Branson for a month in 2002 and Rhonda appeared at Silver Dollar City while we were there. That is where I met Charles Flannary and we sat in the front row for all 18 shows together. That is the first time I saw Rhonda and the Rage perform live. I had a stack of her CD's along so I could get them signed. Ron told me not to get too excited as we had been to previous shows where the performer wouldn't even come out for a picture let alone sign a stack of CD's. I have all her albums and DVD. My son that usually only listens to classical music bought her DVD. I didn't tell him we were at the filming and and I got a phone call one night and he said. "Mom I bought the Rhonda Vincent DVD and thought it looked like you in the audience so I had to back it up and look again". I couldn't believe he bought the DVD as it was always Mom and her country and bluegrass music ha ha!!! I had the chance to sit in the audience, I think it was 2004, when Rhonda and the Rage were on The Prairie Home Companion. It was a memorable night to see Garrison Keillor and Rhonda together on the same stage.  



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