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It actually wasn't a Rhonda song.
I first heard her beautiful voice on a Martina McBride song.I loved her voice so much that I bought Good Thing Going,loved it then bought the rest of her albums and have been hooked since!!!
Love ya Rhonda
CT Strickland Jr.
It was the year, 2000.  I heard a voice while getting ready for church on a Bluegrass program by a loal country radio station, singing "Jolene", and I liked the way it was done.  Having grew up listening to Dolly, I knew this was not Dolly, and have to admit (please no stones, Dolly Fans) that I liked this version better than Dolly's.  I did not catch the name from the announcer, so I did not know who it was.

It was some weeks later while listening at work to a streaming bluegrass station network, ( I was relatively new to the internet - only having it at work with no computer at home), I heard several songs that day by "Rhonda Vincent", but not until I heard JOLENE come across the cyberspace did I stop and check the name of the artist.  Seeing Rhonda Vincent, I did a quick search that took me to http://www.rhondavincent.com and I have been a Rager ever since.


Well...I first became a Rager when I was 10 years old at Tripple Creek Park bluegrass festival. Of course I didn't know any of Rhonda's songs then, but I absolutely loved them by the end of the night. I got Rhonda to autograph her "All American Bluegrass Girl" picture for me. Later that night, Rachel and I greeted Rhonda and I told her she was a real inspiration to me. Shortly after that, I learned how to play the mandolin because Rhonda inspired me to play it. And from then on, I've been a Rager ever since!


I heard Rhonda sing "Little Angels" on the WPSD-TV Telethon of Stars held in Paducah each year.  I think that was around 1998 or 99.  I didn't see or hear much after that, for some strange unknown reason.  Then one night she was on the Grand Ol' Opry (when it was still on TNN, maybe?), before Josh joined the band.  They were singing "Fishers of Men" and it absolutely blew me away.  I think the first CD I bought was "Back Home Again".  I next saw Rhonda in person at the Kentucky Lake Bluegrass Festival in Aurora, Kentucky around 2003 or 2004 - Josh was in the band by then.  I got to meet her while she was out walking the festival grounds.  I had just bought her "Storm Still Rages" CD and she graciously autographed it for me.  I started buying all of her CDs and once I learned my cousin and her hubby in Michigan liked her, started buying and sending her CDs to them.  A few months ago, her hubby passed away and she had "There'll be a Homecoming" played at his funeral.  She said you could have heard a pin drop while that song was playing.  Later people came up to her and asked her who the singer was and where they could get that song as it had really touched them.     I am hoping Rhonda will play around Western Kentucky again sometime so I can get to see her again. She and the Rage are the rage!!!

Louis Gentile
I came across Rhonda's music on video but I cant recall what video it was for and also Rhonda's many appearice's On The Grand Ole Opry and thats how I became a Rager and I like to Thank Rhonda for her song about us Rager's
Bluegrass Sat Nite
I fell in love with rhonda about three or four years ago when i heard her on wqah.I had just recently discovered wqah and going to work one morning you played"IF YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR,THEN YOU DON'T LOVE GOD"and i have loved rhonda ever sence.
PS.could you tell me where to find rhonda's album's,thank you paul
Good Morning Paul! Welcome to the message board!

You can buy Rhonda's CDs here at rhondavincent.com on the merchandise page. You could also check at your local CD stores to see if they can get them for you.
We first saw Rhonda at the Ernest Tubb record shop stage, she was there with her family (many moons ago), all I remember is they announced her mom and dad were with her, don't even know if the boys were there?  Anyway, we have been fans ever since, seen her at Bean Blossom for years.
 Love all her music but, favorite may be, You Beat All I ever Seen, and Prettiest Flower There.
 Enjoyed reading all the response, great question pres.
Oh jeez...

"Midnight Angel" and "Birmingham Turnaround" were the first Rhonda songs I ever fell in love with, way back on TIMELESS AND TRUE LOVE.

"I've Forgotten You", "Homecoming" "Till They Came Home" and "Fishers of Men" are my all-timers if I was pressed against the wall.

And "Ashes of St Augustine" and "Missouri Moon" and "Jolene" and all of STORM STILL RAGES and...

"I'm Not Over You"---Thanks Rhonda!!!!!!!
Great Song--Beautiful Lady,
Fantastic Musician and Singer---You Are the Best!!!
Mike B
Hi Paul!  Welcome to the MB!  I first came to know the music of Rhonda Vincent by way of WQAH 105.7(http://www.wqah.com) too.  WQAH is the only local station that plays Rhonda's music every day, several times each day.  I'm from western Cullman County.  Do you live in North Alabama?  In addition to the merchandise page at rhondavincent.com, you can buy RV cd's(and other bluegrass artists) at the Plywood Palace Music Store on AL Hwy.157 North in Cullman.
Mike Brown
Carmen Claypool

I heard "Lonesome Wind Blues" on a friend's collection of bluegrass and I said to myself "I have to find out who that voice is!"  Then I saw Rhonda at several festivals in Florida and Georgia.  A couple of years ago she mentioned the Sally Mt. festival and I thought, well why not?!!!!  I flew out to Missouri, and had such a good time.  Rhonda is the best!  (And with that introduction to Missouri, I ended up moving here!)

Edward M. O'Brien

I was a fan before, but two songs really made me "RAGE".  "Missouri Moon" breaks my heart every time I hear it, and the first time I heard "Mule Skinner Blues" live, I was hooked !!

Mr. Zoom
The song that hooked me was "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor".  I saw Rhonda perform it at the Sagebrush Roundup in June, 2006.  I thought, "Rhonda really gets the concept of 'faith without works is dead'!"

Edward from WV

When she was about 3 years old she sang a song " I was going round a curve doing 90 miles an hour when the chain on my bicycle broke."  and on and on, I have been a fan ever since

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