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Hello Everone.

I am on a few other message boards and this always seems to be a popular thread on them, so I thought I would start it up over here.

I'll start it off.  The last movie I watched was Kit Kitredge: An American Girl.  This was a great family movie set in the time of the Great Depression.  Also last week I watched the movie W.  It was an interesting movie, but I'm not quite sure how it left me feeling in the end.

Alright now everyone else, what's the last movie you watched?
Hi Megaroo
The last movie I watched  was ''Love Comes Softly''. A series of  continuing
movies directed by Michael Landon Jr. I just love these kind of movies.
I cant get enough of them, and that Dale Midkiff is so nice to look at.

I would love to see '''An American Girl''. being set in the days of the depression ,is it anything like The Walton's?...my favorite series of ALL time.

Have a nice rest of the day.
Kim From MO
I'm with you Louise, I love that series of movies.  I'm in awe of the folks who settled the west/midwest.  They were such hardworking people.  Not many people today have to work that hard, thank goodness.  I find myself whining about "working so hard around the house" when I should be thankful that I have a nice, sound home, with electricity and running water, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, dryer, heat and a/c.  When I think about the people back then, walking to draw water out of the nearest creek or river, doing their wash by hand, shivering in winter and no relief from the summer heat....

Sorry, didn't mean to write a book!!  lol!  Have a good afternoon!

Kim from MO
John S
Being the big kid I am and not having children of our own, I usually hit the movie section of WallyMart on a regular basis. This weekend I bought Madagascar and Madagascar 2 ... and laughed my buns off!
My poor wife has a hard time understanding me ... but I reckon it is a man 'Big Little Boy' thang

VALKIRE, Tom Cruise did a great job, historicly correct .. well done

Louise, I love the "Love Comes Softly" series of movies!  I finally saw "Love's Unfolding Dream" a couple of weeks ago on Hallmark.  It has been out for a couple of years, but I kept missing it.  Does Dale play Clark in the movies?  If so, we are in total agreement about him being good looking.  Every time I see him on there I melt...what a man!
I'm not sure if Kit Kittredge would compare to the Walton's.  I've only seen the Walton's a few times on TV and don't remember much about the show.
John, I have been wanting to see both of the Madagascar movies.  They look just hilarious in the previews.  I guess I need to add them to my queue at Netflix.
Last night we watched August Rush.  It was a little hard to get into at first, but man it turned out to be a great movie.
Have a great day!


the last movie/documentary I watched was "Bluegrass Journey."  I know, I'm a dork!  The last real movie I watched was "Dan in Real Life."  I can't get enough of that movie! 

 I am on a huge Western kick right now, so I have recently watched "Appaloosa" and the James Garner/Wyatt Earp movie "Hour of the Gun". Still think that's the best Earp/Holliday movie...

This week, though, I am obssessed with the new Disney DVD of "Pinocchio". Still amazing after 70 years, and the Blu-Ray version is staggering.

The fact that, somewhere in the Disney vaults, there is a pencil drawing of every single moving thing in this cartoon just staggers the imagination. No wonder the artists went on strike in the 40's!

I recommend this highly for kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, everybody. I can hardly wait for the new "Lady and the Tramp".

Yes, Dale plays Clark in these movies.
I have loved him since I first saw him play Elvis in ''Elvis and Me''...way back when.Dale Midkiff
I think he is at his best in this series though. such a sweet handsome man.

Dean, I am going to watch  ''Appaloosa'' this weekend.
I love that series as well. Love that Dale...he is truly a hunk of a man.

Last night I watched  an old John Wayne movie ''The Sons Of Katie Elder''
I like westerns and he is my fav.
Last night we watched The House Bunny...cute movie and very funny! 

Today we watched Pinocchio.  I don't believe I had ever seen that Disney movie before.  We are trying to buy all of the Disney classics as they release them from the vault.

Dean it is amazing to think that before there was computer animation in films it was all drawn by hand!

I know... try watching "Bambi" someday without thinking about that. The background paintings of the forest and all the changing of the seasons through the film are unbelievable.

That's the movie that caused the studio strike because Disney was demanding so much of his artists' talents.


"Katie Elder" is a good one, and I'm surprised not many people know it now. I love the buildup to Wayne's entrance at the funeral.

Not a bad piece of Duke, considering he was just out of surgery and minus one whole lung.

I like the Rio Bravo - El Dorado - Rio Lobo "trilogy", too.


Twilight!!  We went to the big Twilight release party Friday night at Wal-Mart.  We stood in line about 3 hours to get the movie.  It was wild in there but so much fun and well worth it.  We are so addicted to the Twilight saga and can't wait for New Moon to come out!!  Any Twilighters on the board??

Hi Megaroo....

Haven't seen that one.

Four Christmases, was the last one I went to the theater to see.
I LOVED it. Saw it twice.

I think there is a new movie with Jennifer Aniston.

I'd like to see it.

But we have been on the move alot these days. 

I've been watching the TV Show "Two and a Half Men".
Bought 2 seasons worth. It's funny.

I like a good comedy.

Let me know if you see something good to rent.

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