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I haven't been to the movies in years, but I wished they made them like the old ones.  Ma & Pa Kettle was always a favorite.

If they could only make them like this again: 

Nothing like a good humorous movie.  Laughter is the best medicine.

That's HILARIOUS!!!!

I've never seen that before.


Pa's pretty good at math.


  That's hilarious Don!  I think you sent me that one via email not long ago.

I tell ya, this couple reminds me of several of the math people I tutor...

It's already being passed around to the other math tutors I work with.

Some people LOVE Twilight while others don't like it at all.  It's hard to predict if you will like it or not.  My best friend has seen it probably 10 times already which is mind blowing to me.   They are gonna make some serious money off of that series.  It might even surpass the Harry Potter craze.

I'm really into movies set in the 19th century such as the Jane Austen series (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc), Charles Dickens' series, etc.

I just finished watching the classic "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.  What a genius piece of work!  Louise, I think you might like it since you enjoyed the "Love Comes Softly Series".

Anyone else into those kinda movies?   I might be the only one.

Hey Megaroo, I like this thread.  The last movie I saw was actually just yesterday and it was on HBO I think> Georgia Rule with Jayne Fonda, Lindsey Lohan, and Felicity Huffman, etc.... and I liked it way more than I thought I would.  I thought it was supposed to be kinda lighthearted fare but it was much deeper/had a much deeper theme running through  it than what I imagined.  Anyway, I give it two thumbs up! 


One more thing about Georgia Rule> it was rated R which I didn't realize until I had gotten into it so make sure no children are present while viewing for real!!

The latest movie I've watched was a Blu-Ray copy of ABBA The Movie and before that "Mamma Mia" Ok so I'm stuck in the 70's

My favorite movies are the classic movies of the 30's, 40's and 50's and my all time favorite movie is "Meet Me In St. Louis" starring Judy Garland.
Rhonda, "Twilight" is a GREAT movie!  I think you would enjoy it, but I'm a little biased since I am a Twilighter!  Most people think the book is way better than the movie, but I like the movie better because I saw it before I read the books.  So I compare the book to the movie instead of the movie to the book...if that makes any sense at all...lol!
Four Christmases is the last movie I saw in the theater too!  It was GREAT!  I love Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.  Vince cracks me up! 
The last good comedy we saw was "The House Bunny".  It was a cute, funny movie.
We use Netflix, and we really like it.  Does anyone else use Netflix?
Last night I watched "The Longshots".  It was pretty good, but I wish I would have waited to watch it when I wasn't so tired and in la la land.
I love ABBA!  I watched Mamma Mia again yesterday, even before the musical came out, I was a huge ABBA fan! 

The two things I love are 70's music and bluegrass!  I was definitely born in the wrong era! 
I hate to admit but I was born IN that era
LOL!  Thats not a bad thing!  I was very close myself, just a few years after! 

Megaroo--I use Netflix--but I am not a Twilighter!  I don't really get it...guess I'm more into other genres! 
Team Edward
OK, I am not your typical 'Twilight' fan. I am not a teenage girl, and I most certainly do not have a crush on Edward Cullen, but the books are some of the best easy reading material out there. The whole thing I got from the series is that no matter what, you always do the right thing, all the time. Always. If the reader gets that from the series, it is woth being looked funny at while buying the series.

I also was born in the ABBA generation, and my secret listening pleasure is 'Dancing Queen'

I think I need to got o confession or something now
LOL thanks for the You Tube link Don!!! The Ma and Pa Kettle movies are AWESOME!!! I have them all on VHS up in PA...I need to get those next time I visit.
Team Edward...Dancing Queen is great, but, Super Troopers is my fav! 

I don't know what its is about Twilight, but I just didn't get into it...but, hey, whatever makes people read, teenagers or not, reading is something that no one wants to do anymore---I love murder mysteries...read every Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark book ever written...and others of course.  Not really into sci-fi, but I love Ayn Rand's "Anthem"
Dean the Boston Boy

If you love musicals, you HAVE to see tne new MGM DVD of "An American in Paris".

The new DVD totally wipes out memories of the old versions. It's Still my favorite Gene Kelly picture, even with "Singin' in the Rain" and "On the Town" to contend with.

All that Gershwin music, and the color!  Did color movies really look like this all the time? I haven't been so blown away by Technicolor since I last watched "Shane".


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