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Hey Megaroo,

My parents use the blockbuster version of Netflix, and I sure do get their money's worth!   I'm on a mission to watch all the movies I've been wanting to watch over the years in the next couple of months before school starts in the Fall because I know that once that gets going, I won't be watching too many movies for a long time.  

Dear 86,

It sure is funny that you posted that video earlier!  Not even an hour after watching that video, I had someone come in for Math tutoring.  Basically, I experienced a 2 hour version of that video...and it wasn't too funny.   I thought I was gonna lose it, but I kept my cool.   I pray for patience all the time, and I think the Lord provides me with situations to help build my patience in response.  Maybe I need to quit praying for it.
jenny f

the latest movie i watched was one I've actually seen a hundred times but keep watching over and over its called   The Notebook  its a great love story!

Hey Team Edward!  This is totally a Team Edward household!  Is there any other team to be on?  I do not at all get the Team Jacob folks...lol.  There were two girls that were friends at Wal-Mart Friday night, one of them had on a Team Edward shirt and the other had on a Team Jacob shirt.  I thought that was so funny...they said they should just be Team Twilight.  The girl with the Team Jacob shirt on said everyone kept giving her dirty looks, so I apologized to her for my earlier comments about Team Jacob...lol!!
Last week one day my sister came home from work and was near tears.  This guy had told her how the whole saga ends, and she is only on the first book.  She was so upset.  I hate when people spoil things.
Jenny F, I love The Notebook!  I watched it again a few weeks ago...it is such a great love story!


We just watched You, Me & Dupree with Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon.  Very funny movie and I just love Kate Hudson!

Team Edward
     I watched Twilight after excitedly waiting for it to arrive through an on-line purchase and am completely disappointed. The production was bad. The make up totally silly and laughable. The acting wasn't near believable. Someone with serious experience should have gotten hold of this and done it the way the material and author deserved. So much could have been done with this first Twilight movie and someone dropped the ball.
     But the books are still great.
Team Edward,
I'm sorry you were disappointed in the movie version of Twilight.  I love it, but I can understand why some aren't too fond of it.  I have heard several people say that they think the books are much better and they didn't like the movie.
They have already started filming New Moon and it is scheduled for a theater release date of November 20.  I can't wait!  I hope you will like it better!
Last night I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  Cute movie...I always enjoy movies that have talking animals...cracks me up!
The next movie in the Love Comes Softly series premieres Saturday night at 8:00 central time on the Hallmark Channel.  It is called Love Takes Wing
Then the final movie in the series, Love Finds a Home, premieres Saturday, April 11 at 8:00 central time.
I can't wait to see these two movies!

Thanks Megaroo,
I didn't know there were more . I am so excited about that.
I just hope handsome Clark will be in them.

Courtney , I've never watched "Jane Eyre" but I'm  looking forward to watching it soon. Thanks!
I am now watching ''Anne of Green Gables'' for the umpteenth
time , I love this series.
Have you seen this Courtney?, if not , I think you would love it.
Did you watch "Love Takes Wing" last night?  It was very good, as they all are, but Clark wasn't in the movie.  I wish he would have been!
We just got through watching "The Secret Life Of Bees".  I LOVED it!
Last week we watched "Marley and Me"...GREAT!
Dean Eaton
The boys in my life - well, they're my best friend's kids from church and we spend a ;ot of time together as a group - are age 14 and 10.

The 14 year old is discovering, as boys will, James Bond. We are watching all 22 007 epics, more or less in order. This weekend was "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice", which hold up pretty well. The former is the first movie I ever skipped a day of school for to see on opening day, December 1965!

Unfortunately this also means that "Diamonds are Forever" is coming up and I really hate that one...

The 10 year old is obssessed right now with "Bolt!" and "Meet The Robinsons". They're about as good as Pixar's stuff and very entertaining.

And you can't go wrong with "The Incredibles". everybody loves that one.

I don't go to many movies -- maybe two, three at the most in a year.

Last movie I saw on the big screen was "Billy, the Early Years" (biography of how Billy Graham got his start as one of the greatest evangelists and Christian leaders ever).  It was a very good movie, and didn't get the attention it deserved.  I understand that the BGEA didn't endorse it, but it seemed to be fairly accurate a portrayal of the young evangelist.  Except that it made Billy look girl-crazy before he met Ruth!

Before that film the next most recent would probably be "An Inconvenient Truth" (Al Gore's documentary about global warming).  No, now that I think about it, later than that one was "Prince Caspian" of the Chronicles of Narnia series.  (I also went to see the first of the series, and all three LotR fantasy movies in the theaters.)

Oh, now that I jog my memory, the next most recent movie I saw in the theater (the latest flick except for "Billy") was actually "Charlie Wilson's War".  I was kind of nervous about it being R-rated and the reviews mentioning wild sex, drug escapades and war violence.  And yes, the early scene of sex and drugs in a Vegas hotel hot tub almost caused me to get up and walk out.  But I stayed put, and I'm glad I did, because there was little of that immorality later in the film (there WAS lots of intense profanity -- apparently Congressman Wilson and CIA agent Avrokatos were quite the potty-mouths in real life), and it was eye-opening to see the workings behind the scene that gave the Soviets their own bitter taste of a Vietnam-style lost war in Afghanistan.  And when the Afghan mujahiddeen lifted their newl-received Stinger SAM weapons and began shooting Soviet MIG jets and Hind choppers out of the Afghan sky, I felt a "rush" similar to the one I felt when the USA beat the Soviets in hockey in the Lake Placid Olympics!

Mr. Zoom
I watched two movies over the weekend.

Saturday night, I watched a recent purchase, the latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.
Then on Sunday night, I viewed Patriot Games starring Harrison Ford.  (I had purchased this one on my birthday back in October, finally got around to watching it!)

Edward from WV
I for one was extremely disappointed with "Quantum".

I long for the old days where the shots in action movies lasted for more than three seconds, and the camera sort of stood and watched as some amazing stunt was performed.

Bottom line: I don't like Daniel Craig and miss Pierce Brosnan.

Funny true story: When the all jiggly-cam sequel "The Bourne Supremacy", one local theater had ushers stationed at the exit doors after the movie was over. They weren't handing out mints - they were offering Tylenol for all of us who had suffered vertigo and seizures.Dean
John S

I slept through the Twilight DVD yesterday, but saw maybe the first 40 minutes ... does that count

Hey Louise,

I haven't had the opportunity to watch the Anne of Green Gables series yet.  I will have to check it out!

At this very moment, I am watching "A Walk in the Clouds" while I do some Spring Cleaning.  I can't even tell you how many times I've seen this movie.  Such a great "chick flick"!  I know Dear Herby has probably seen it a few times as well since he just LOVES chick flicks.

I also recently saw "Dan in Real Life".  What a wonderful movie!  I highly recommend it.
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