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Ginny Gibson
 My husband and I went to the movies in York, PA on thursday afternoon, it only cost $2.00 to get in.  We saw,"Madea Goes to Jail".  I was a little disappointed in the movie after all the great reviews.  Doctor Phil was in it and believe it or not He got a little upset at Madea. He was supposed to be the one asking the questions. LOL
Thursday night we watched "Baby Mama" with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live.  Very funny movie. 
Today we watched "The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town".  It was very cute...it is one of the claymation classics.  It is just like "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" except it tells the story of the Easter Bunny.
Last night my husband and I watched ''Sophie's Choice'' with Meryl Streep, well I watched most of it. Hey John, I guess this  one don't count for me either because I fell asleep in the middle of it. A sad movie.

On Good Friday I watch The Walton's Easter show, where Olivia fought a battle with polio. She won and got to attend the sunrise service on the mountain. Such a special show.

Megaroo ,I didn't get to watch "Love Takes Wing" . It is disappointing to know that Clark is not in it.

Courtney, you will love ''Anne of Green Gables''.

John S
Louise ...
Because of feeling no where near well, I put in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls ... and slept through it as well ... I think I made it through the opening scene and then I was out like a burnt out bulb
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