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Our Own RHONDA was on this Opry show also!
She sang "Little Angels" and "Lonesome Wind Blues".
It was great! The year was late 2000.
"Friends I can count on, I can count on one hand;
With a left over finger or two.
I took them for granted, let them all slip away,
Now where they are, I wish I knew."

Kathy Mattea, "Standing Kneedeep in a River"
Just blame it on your lyin', cheatin',
Cold, dead-beatin',
Two-timin', double dealin',
Mean, mistreatin', loving heart...

-- Patty Loveless

Robert Hall
Carol!..that song "Knee Deep In A River" is a real hard hitter for me--my late friend, who was a huge Kathy Mattea fan ,died of Marfan's syndrome (a heart condition) back in 1994,only 36 years old..and his family wanted Kathy's song "Seeds" to be played at his funeral,it was one of his favorites.--

But the funeral home screwed up, and played her song "Knee Deep In A River" instead--but when we heard its opening lines,that you just posted,,we all knew it was no "mistake"..--you see,he had only a few close friends all his life--and he could "count them on one hand,with a left over finger or two"..that song AND "Seeds" tear me up, every time I hear Kathy sing it live ever since..

We also played Holly Dunn's "On The Wings Of An Angel" for him..I still cant listen to that song without losing it!..

On a brighter note,I heard a few other songs that have some pretty funny lines in them over the weekend..

"You always leave me holdin' the BAG!"--Don't you know it's getting pretty heavy to drag?...You think it's funny,but it ain't no gag!--how come you always leave me holdin' the bag?"!..
Moe Bandy and Joe Stamply

"Roses are Red,and Violets are purple--sugar is sweet,and so is maple syruple!..Roger Miller

"You shoulda seen the faces on my dad and mom--when I brought home my date for the senior prom!"..dad said :
"Son,She aint no kid,Thats a cocktail waitress, in a Dolly Parton wig!--I said "I Know it dad,ain't she COOL??--that's the kind I DIG!!".

"Trashy Women" ,by Confederate Railroad..anyone remember the video for that song?--it had Stonewall Jackson and Jeannie Seely playing the parts of "mom and dad"!..


I remember that one Robert!
Whatever happened to Confederate Railroad?

I'm sorry you lost your friend at such a young age. The most wonderful thing about music is that it can help us all through some very difficult times.  Thank goodness for the songwriters who can give voice to the emotions we feel--happy, sad, whatever they are. 

Both of those songs that you mentioned are favorites of mine.  Especially "Seeds".  Kathy sang that for President and Mrs. Clinton at a very special function during his presidency.  I didn't know if they or she chose it, but the lyrics are so meaningful.  Teachers, like me, see the potential and promise in young, bright eyes, but sometimes even before they get out of high school, the real world happens to them.  Sometimes with tragic consequences.  But then others go on to accomplish great things.  I see my former students quite often, and nothing makes me happier to see a big smile and get a hug from them.  They do NOT forget you.

On a lighter note, I heard Tim O'Brien sing in concert once: 

"If I can't live without you, how come I ain't dead?" 

That Tim is a clever one!  Didn't he write that song about "Bless his Heart" too?  How we southerners can say something bad about someone and then redeem ourselves by saying "Bless his (or her) heart".  Once we say that, it's taken back.

Oh....isn't music wonderful!!  Rhonda is so lucky to be able to make her living this way, although it has to be very tiring to do all that traveling.  She has to LOVE it to stay right on top of bluegrass for so long.  We love you Rhonda, and appreciate everything you do for the fans. 

Especially letting us express ourselves on your Board.  It is very generous of you to provide this forum for your fans.  Thanks.

Robert Hall
Louise,I think Confederate Railroad is still performing,though they haven't had any "hits" for many years on radio,I still hear "Trashy Women" about every day on the "country" stations I get up here..also "The Queen Of Memphis" once in a while..

I really liked some of their songs,one that was very moving was
"If You Leave This Way,You Can Never Come Back"..I remember the video of that song vividly...

Another song and video I recall from that era, is "Feed Jake",by the Pirates Of The Mississippi ..

"If I die before I wake--feed Jake"..that video was a sad one too..

I also enjoyed their song and video of "Rollin' Home"..it was filmed with the band playing on a "rolling home",a modular home,being towed down the highway!..

Carol,I lost 2 of my closest friends in 1994 to heart disease,both were only 36,another friend I lost in 1996 to cancer,and my dad in 2000..I don't have to tell you how much certain songs have helped me through the grief,and ease the pain of losing them..(If you wish I could e-mail you off the board,and tell you which songs helped me the most--too many to mention here!)..

Tim O'Brien is another good songwriter I failed to mention in my list of favorites..he wrote "Time Passes By" if I recall correctly,and some of Kathy's other songs..

I too am very grateful for Rhonda letting us have the message board,and have some fun here with each other..

No matter how much I mention other artists I like here,I want Rhonda to know that SHE is right up there on top!--#1 in my book!..


When I close my eyes, your all I see

I cry each time I hear this song. I think Hank Williams Sr. was the best writer of all times.
Dolly is next. omo
Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw
A tongue can accuse and carry bad news
The seeds of distrust it will sow
But unless you've made no mistakes in your life
Be careful of stones that you throw.

A neighbor was passing my garden one time
She stopped and I knew right away
That it was gossip, not flowers, she had on her mind
And this is what I heard my neighbor say.

That bad girl down the street should be run from our midst
She drinks and she talks quite a lot
She knows not to speak to me or my child
My neighbor then smiled and I thought.

A car speeded by and the screaming of brakes
A sound that made my blood chill
For my neighbor's one child had been pulled from the path
And saved by a girl lying still.

The child was unhurt and my neighbor cried out
Oh, who was that brave girl so sweet
I covered the crushed broken body and said
The bad girl who lived down the street...

Remember these guys?                                                                        

Robert Hall
Yup!--I remember them!--Randy Travis,and Micheal Martin Murphy!..

Micheal Martin Murphy had a lot of hits--"Wildfire","I Come From A Long Line Of Love","Cowboy Logic",(remember that one??--"How can you tell which guy is the cowboy,when three guys are riding in a pickup truck??--It's the guy in the middle!--he doesn't have to drive--and he doesn't have to mess with the gate!"..)

One of my favorites of his is the "Cowboy Christmas Ball" that Suzy Bogguss dueted with him on..love the video of that one!..
He also had a duet out with Holly Dunn,"Just Another Face In The Crowd",that was a hit for them..

I think your photo was from the "Montanna Skies" special they had on TNN back in the early 90's,they had Roy Rogers,Holly Dunn,and a few other artists on as special guests..

I miss a lot of the artists that were popular then..not just the ones we lost either,like Keith Whitley,but many who had but a few hits,then faded away,despite being very talented..
''Life gets so lonely when you live down on Dusty Road.
Down where the fields of Corn and Cotton Grows!

"Your Picture Still Loves Me and I Still Love You"

''Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine
There's a window that I can't see Through.
There's a wall so high it reaches the sky.
Somewhere Between Me and You''.
Hi William! those are beautiful words.
These words are all I can think of at the moment.
I have been on the road a lot today and I have played it over and over.
I'm not over you...the storm still rages.
These are two of my very favorite Rhonda songs.
And: The flame of love in my heart grows wild at your command...it grows and grows until its Out Of Hand.
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