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HELLO LOUISE...My 'Ragin' Live Friend!!
Yes, "I'm Not Over You" is the song that
got me 'hooked' on Rhonda, and I'm so
Thankful for that!
I think I'll Go Do Some "Ragin' Live" Video!
Wild One


''The Key's In The Mailbox--Come On In!
I Won't Even Ask You Where Have You Been''.

keys in mailbox - good ... "At my door the leaves are falling, the cold wild wind will come, sweethearts walk by together  -

and I still miss someone.
We're the best partner's this wourld's ever seen. Together as close as can be. Sometimes it's hard to find time in between to tell you what you are to me.

''Hank Williams You Wrote My Life''
''That Girl Who Waits On Tables
Used To Wait On Me At Home''
Amanda Webb
Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.  I thought I would share the a couple of lines from our wedding song.

"I'm already gone. I never thought I'd cross over that line.  Its way to late your love is just too strong and I'm already gone."  Diamond Rio.

Merry Christmas!

"I was Looking Back to see if You were Looking Back to See
If I was Looking Back to see If You were Looking Back at Me!
And the way that she was Stacked I Wish had a Cadillac!
But Who would Notice Me Just a-drivin' this Model-T"!
Wild One


''You don't have to go home and live up in glory
 but you cant live forever down here.
For all of the things thats uncertain...one thing is clear.
You don't have to go home but you cant stay here.
Tom Alman
"So you want me to stand in for him.
 To be the love of your next act!
 But this time I'll play the part so well.
 That there will be no need of him coming back!"
Robert Hall
So don't you knock on my door
I won't be home any more
You can find me out walking in the sun
You know you hide it so well
It isn't easy to tell
But I know a heartache when I see one ..

I e-mailed Jenifer Warnes about a year or so,through a link on her website about a year or so ago, to tell her how much I liked that song--she actually read it,and sent ME an e-mail back thanking me for writing to her!..I liked "The Right Time Of The Night" too..loved her voice!.

Another of my favorite Bluegrass singers song's lyrics:

I'm caught in a crossfire
Of a war that can't be won
Mom calls me her little man
Dad his only son

I love them both but I can't choose
Which one to leave behind
I'm caught in a crossfire
Of a world that's so unkind ..

And :

Now every day,I hope and pray
To make it through one more
As the winter wind rushes in,and chills me to the core!
I've lost so much that nothing,is all I've left to lose
It's one day till tomorrow--and I'm one step ahead of the blues!.

(I don't know about Hank Williams,but Rhonda,you wrote MY LIFE! when you wrote that one!)

Can Rhonda Vincent pen a song,or what??..


Where am I gonna live when I get Home?
My wife threw out everything I owned.
She took my TV,
But the Bills she left for Me!
Oh, where am I gonna live when I get Home?
Kim from MO
Rhonda didn't write this song but it's still ONE of my favorites (of many!)

I gave you my heart
I gave you my soul completely
You've got my dreams
You've got everything that I need if you leave me alone
I'll give you my love
For the rest of my life
But I want to make sure you know
You can't take it with you when you go

It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear Rhonda sing it!
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