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Tour 2009 has begun!!! I was wondering where we will see the Ragers this year!!! What are the Ragers' plans for seeing RVR this year??

pretty much anywhere that's within 3 hours from home, lol

Mike Garlock
Morning Julia,

This is my Tentative RV & R Plans:

Buffalo, NY
Bluegrass Cruise
Gettysburg, PA
Walnut Creek, OH
Sally Mountain, MO
Reedsville, PA
Sodus, NY
Alburgh, VT
Buena Vista, VA
Sellersville, PA
Denton, MD

Plans Subject To Change At The Discretion Of The Precipitants.
Not as many as last Year, we are in a Recession you know.

Mike G.

Kim from MO
Funny you would post this message this morning!  I just looked at the schedule and wrote all the MO dates on my calendar.  Hope to take in as many shows as possible.  Is Rhonda not playing at Starvey Creek (here in MO) this year?

Kim from MO
Kim from MO

Oops, must have missed Starvy Creek on the list...adding it now!

Hi Julie,
 We are so far away from most of her shows, but, got to Jeff.C., it was 6 - 7 hrs. Going to So. Carolina, (staying with brother), can't wait for him and his wife to see and hear her. 
Then going to Bowling Green, Ky. on the way home from So. then Fan Fair, and Little Nashville Opry, in Nashville, Ind. And when!! we hit the Lottery, "look out" we will probably be at all of them.
Joe & Lynn
If the good LORDS willing:

Naperville, IL (hopeful)
Kirksville, MO
Sally Mtn.
Conway, MO
Clinton, MO

Work justs gets in the way for too many.
Uncle Pen's Friend
OK - Here we go for the 2009 year.

In just 10 days --- Hanover, PA
Gettysburg, PA - May 2009
Sally Mountain - June/July 2009
Reedsville, PA - July 2009
Sodus, NY - August 2009
Gettysburg, PA - August 2009 (It's on the Gettysburg site but not Rhonda's ???)

Then it looks like a road trip with the Motorhome (this hasn't been confirmed by the big guy but maybe I can sweet talk him into it)

11/20 Sellersville, PA
11/21 Denton, MD
11/22 Berryville, VA
11/28 Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey Prez,
Great question.
For sure:
Dayton, OH
Nelsonville, OH
Wilmington, OH

Proctorville, OH
Walnut Creek, OH
Canton, TX
Sally Mountain, MO

Charles Flanary
Here's my lost
1/9 Jefferson City,MO
3/14 Galax,VA
3/15 Appamattox,VA
4/30 Conway,AR
5/1   Mountain Grove,MO
5/3  Kirksville,MO
5/20 Branson,MO
5/21 Branson,MO
7/1thru7/5 Sally Mountain,MO
9/11 Franklin,KY
9/19 Conway,MO{Starvy Creek}
10/3 Clinton,MO
10/23 Springfield,MO
11/7   Springfield,IL
And maybe another one or two
Dean the Boston Boy

I had tentative plans to see the Queen in Naperville this year, but due to illness I am not getting out there this year

I am making plans for Podunk in August though, and hopefully for the full weekend.

Look forward to seeing her, and by then of course we'll have the new CD too!

Love from

Bill McEntire

Hey everyone! We can't wait to see her here in Conway Arkansas. Our son Ben age 8 loves the mandolin so we can't wait till he can see Rhonda in action.


For sure in Arlington, WA, and with any luck also in Wenatchee....... see how things are in July and head to Stevenson also....... Hey, this is turning into the Great Northwest Dreamin' Tour!!!


Palatka for sure, then hopefully Galax, Raleigh (this lineup is one of the best I have ever seen for a one day event), Cherokee, Kodak, and maybe a few other places. 

10th Annual Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival, Kodak, TN in Sept. for sure!!
We're planning to be in Palatka, probably Cherokee and possibly catch them at some other venues in '09.  Joe and I are hoping to see more Ragers in Kodak this year.  Our crowd loves Rhonda.
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