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Robert Hall
I'm sorry to say this,but I doubt very much I'll be able to get to ANY shows at all this year..Rhonda's, or anyone else's..unless a lot of things change..

I was hoping I'd be able to see Rhonda at Strawberry Park in May,or perhaps at Podunk in CT later this year..
..that hope is fading ..

I'm just praying I live to SEE spring,the way I have felt lately, I'm not so sure I'll even BE around much longer,period..
I'm not joking either..

I've been pretty sick for the past 2 months, and am still having difficulty eating, and especially swallowing some days,food often just seems to stick in my throat,and doesn't go down all the way,and I've lost 20+ lbs. as a result,and am quite weak now.
I fear I might have throat cancer,or something equally serious wrong,and I'm not willing to have cameras shoved in both ends of me, to determine that for certain--not yet anyway..in a way, I'd rather not know...

I'm praying to God I get well, without needing that done, or worse, surgery,if there is a serious problem..I have improved some,over how I felt last month,but still have a long way to go..

This winter has about killed me,with us getting way too much snow already,and it's been so darn COLD,battling that while ill, has not helped me one bit..among other things here, that could be better too..

Even if I do recover,I'll still be unlikely to be able to afford the tickets,gas,etc-- or be up to doing any long distance traveling..

Sorry to be such a "ray of sunshine",but that is the truth,and believe me,I really wish things were not this way..

I'd love to be making plans to see Rhonda, and all my other favorite performers too..first I must get well enough to even think about going,then take it from there..

I've been praying for all this to change,and so have some of my friends here,and I appreciate their prayers very much--but so far, God isn't listening I guess..all I can do is hope things change..and if they do,I'll do my best to be at Rhonda's shows,God willing..

I do hope everyone else who's able too,will go see Rhonda as many times as possible,she certainly deserves our support!..from what I've read here so far,many of you will be!..

Mike B
Here's my list:

3/7  Fulton,MS
3/13  Oxford, AL
5/9  Trinity, AL
9/11  Franklin, KY
9/28  Phenix City, AL

Maybe one or two more depending on our budget and the kids' activity schedules.  I hope to meet a lot of new & old faces this year!!!
Edward M. O'Brien
My honey and I will be at Sellersville fersure !! Hanover's a little too far to chance in the winter (or I'm a little wuss    . . .  could be  ) Anyway, I'm interested in the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival. If anyone has any info or comments regarding this venue, i'd appreciate it.

Mike B., my husband and I will be there with you in Oxford and Trinity.
We will be at the Oxford Civic Center this Saturday night to see our friend, Marty Raybon!
Mike B

Great Mindy!  Look forward to meeting y'all!  If you would like, email me with the link on my name and I will give you my contact info.  I left a probable show for us off of my list:  7/9 at the Ryman.

Jenny and Hanna
2/13 Asheville, NC
3/13 Oxford, AL
4/5 West Columbia, SC
5/8 LaGrange, GA
5/9 Trinity, AL
7/1 Kirksville, MO - Rhonda Vincent Fan Club Party
8/21 Cherokee, NC
9/28 Phenix City, AL
10/10 Meridian, MS
11/6 Atlanta, GA

and anymore i can squeeze in
Jay Wingfield
If anyone comes to Appomattox for our RVR concert, we have a Motel 8, and you can use this link to a couple Bed & B's.(http://www.innvirginia.com/search/amenities.php?city_multiple[]=Appomattox). Otherwise their are unlimited accomadations in Lynchburg,VA. which is only about 25 minutes West of Appomatttox off of US 460.

Our tickets are only 15.00 and you can't beat our accoustics. Come and see our historical little town, we would love having you visit!!
Karen in CA & MO
Hi Julia,
What a great question.
I'm so pleased and excited to say Chris and I will see our Queen this Sat. night in Arroyo Grande. It's about 2.5 hrs. from us but no problem. We are just excited to have her in our area. It will be his first time, that excites even more.
What a treat he is in for.
Since we have a small farm in Missouri (B-tween Springfield and Bolivar) and tons of relatives which are fan's too we would love to co-ordinate a trip that would allow a concert visit and work on the Farm. If the economy was better we would follow her around California. Karen
Uncle Pen's Friend

Myrtle Beach is a definite for us!!!!!!   It must have been the sweet talking I did.

Can't see Rhonda due to economic reasons.   She's not coming anywhere near Herndon, VA.  I wish her well though.

Mike Garlock

Sorry to here that Dave.  She only has 9 scheduled appearence's left in Virgina the rest of the Year.  Maybe Herby could get her booked a couple more times.  Mike G.

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