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Mike Garlock
Hey Uncle, Friend, Harry, etc.,

    Where Y'all staying when you go to Sellersville?  Might just do something crazy.  Mike G.
Uncle Pen's Friend

We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Plymouth Meeting.   I think Uncle is going to go to the Plymouth Meeting office on Monday, so he doesn't have to take a vacation day.  

We are staying in a deluxe King called home sweet home!!
Mike Garlock
Hi Margo,

    You have it made.  I think I have only seen RV & R twice in the last 6 years that I could drive home after the Show.  The one I booked in our Town doesn't count.  I hate to tell you, but look out cause your going to be invaded by Northerner's.  I mean real Northerner's.  Brenda and I are coming from NY along will 86 and Musher 99 will be making the long trip South.  Mike G.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Sellersville!  We have made so many great friends at RVR shows


Mike:  Nancy & I have reservations at the Comfort Inn in Quakertown, PA.  It is 11 miles north of Sellersville and very close to the PA Turnpike exit.  There are other hotels on the same highway minutes from one another...Holiday Inn & Hampton Inn.  There is also a Best Western right in Quakertown which is 3 miles closer to Sellersville. Any of the 4 hotels above would be north of Sellersville & on your way home to NY or Canada.

Mike Garlock
Thanks Harry,

   Don & Ann Eh already made a Eskimo decision, I mean executive decision and we are staying at the Best Western.  Rumor has it that RV & R are throwing a HUGGGEEE Party there after the Show.  Mike G.
Uncle Pen's Friend
Friend made an executive decision!!!!!  Our plans have changed!!!!!!   We are staying QUAKERTOWN and Plymouth Meeting ---- We are stay at the BEST WESTERN and not the Hampton Inn!!!!!
We are going to crash the PARTY!!!!!!
Ann A

 PARTY ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have made our nite!

Did I already tell you how excited I am

 Rager Friends Are the BEST!!

Uncle Pen's Friend

Holy Moly, I was so excited typing that post, it's a wonder it made sense.   Or I could blame it on being tired, but I'm still up at it's 1110pm EST.    GOOD NIGHT see ya'll in 9 days.


Well, we don't want to miss the party so we switched our reservations.

Party Crasher!!

Is there going to be a BIRTHDAY PARTY?????  


Who's birthday?

Mike Garlock
Hey Connie Leigh,

    How old is your Brother goin' to be in Ape Years?  Mike G.

now that was funny, lol

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