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I am planning on attending the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, TN and was wondering who else is going to be there. Maybe we could all meet up and do lunch or something. (Maybe we could even persuade our queen to join us?)

I was just wondering how many other Ragers were planning to be in attendance.

Ragin' on,

The Ol' Dawg

There very well could be an Ol' Red Clay Hound a sniffin' around up there on that day.

Mike B

I have a tough choice to make.  My daughter has an Honors Band concert at The University of North Alabama the same day and about the same as the RVR show at the Cornbread Festival.  I chose the Honor Band last year.  Stay tuned to this thread for an update, Shannon!

Mike B

...same time as the RVR show...


i am going to be there


 Ina, Illinois will be represented again this year at the Cornbread Festival

Mike B

As if the choices I had weren't hard enough, today my boss gave me 2 really primo tickets to the Talladega race on Sunday.  Start/finish line tickets no less.  The kind of tickets that people leave to their kids in their wills.  Ragin' race fans with talented kids - what should I do?


I'll be at the Cornbread festival again this year (3rd year runnin').  I'll be bringing along my buddies Jenn and Marci (along with their boyfriends) and maybe a couple of Ragin' newbies from here in Knoxville (I'll make sure everyone leaves their paintball guns at home ).


We'll be on our way shortly.......  

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