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Doug and Pat
don't particularly like the dark backgrounds on replies -- too hard on the eyes to see
brown is not my favorite color (sorry) -- worked in marketing /sales for a while and we never worn brown suits or jackets.... now blues are more pleasing..... 
Greatest Rhonda portrait ever...

I tell people her eyes really look like that and they don't believe me - until they meet her.

I hope this photo shows up somewhere in larger sizes, or that we can purchase prints at Rhonda's sales tables this summer.  I would love an autograph on this one...

I just pre-ordered my CD, too. I can hardly wait for Podunk!

Love ya, Rhonda... Safe travels.

Thanks Dean!

Photography by our very own BEAD Lady!


She took some great photos.

They're currently working on the CD insert. Can't wait to she what photos they use.

Bec the Bead Lady
GREAT!   I don't have to keep it secret anymore.  It's been really hard not to say anything about the photographs.  I think they turned out wonderful.  Of course they did with such a beautiful model!  I had a blast and really enjoyed the opportunity. 
I bet not everyone knew that photography is my "for real job"

Now Bec....we all know  BEADS are your life!!!  

You are so right!!!!  I have to get back on the torch tomorrow and off this crazy computer!  Any color combination requests???

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