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Mike Garlock

Rhonda's on GAC right now and I missed half of it.  Who's incharge of this?  Mike G.

Tom Alman
They took GAC off my Dish so I can't watch it even if I want too. Everyone is cuttin back these days and that ain't no good LOL!Guess I need to save my money for the more expensive dish teer!!!

Fred Black

Rumors of our usefulness have been greatly exaggerated!

What show is she on Mike?
Mike Garlock
Hi Julia,

    It's a one hour Special with Bill Cody at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.  They calle dit the GAC Master Series.  The last half was great.  Mike G.
Oh ok. This was originally on a couple of months ago. I didn't know they were rebroadcasting it.

don't blame me, I don't get GAC

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