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Watch for video updates of the Rhonda Vincent Fan Club Party and Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival throughout the week!! I'm testing out my new iPhone video which allows me to upload right after I take the video so they could be online at any time. Keep watching http://www.youtube.com/user/rvfcprez

The first video is a preview of one of the highlights of the Sally Mountain Tour, meeting Charles and Gary. Here they are eating breakfast! Hopefully I can get live video of Herb's curtain purchase!
Mike B
Prez or Herby - is it too early to place a beef order?  I would like a whole ribeye and a whole tenderloin from Gary.  Charles is simply too sweet to slaughter!  Julia has my Paypal info.  Thanks!!!

Guess Who???
Prez....can you pin this link, so I can find it, whenever I go to see the updates??
But of course!
Did anyone else notice that Gary took his chance to get his voice all over the internet as soon as he possibly could? He's such a camera hog...or cow??
Mike B

I noticed that too, Sami.  Reminded me of a lot of liberal politicians who are always on the lookout for an open microphone or camera.  I strongly urge Herby to move up the slaughter date!

U No Hoo
Thx Prez.
Mike B. I agree with your sentiments, but I'm thinking Charles will be much better to eat. He really goes for the corn, where Gary seems satisfied with Alfalfa hay. I'm worried. Then there was this sign pinned to the shed that said "Free Gary"

I'm not sure if the calf put it there, or possibly an alias. I'm beginning to wonder if this calf, Gary, came from California stock.

Only time will tell, and they've got till October 15th.
4 U
Time for another COUNT DOWN! 
Mike B

Those are very interesting observations, Herby.  I'm curious about one thing, though.  As Gary chews his alfalfa cud, have you ever noticed him belching to the tune of "Across the Field"(Ohio State fight song)?  That might give some hints to his lineage.


No, but he does walk around alot looking to dot the "I"

Is THAT what he's doing out there?

I can see him from my office window.  

Thanks Julia...for posting the Sally Mountain Videos!!!

They sure help, when I start to get the Post-Festival Blues.

It's just like being there....AGAIN! 

Doug and Pat Miller
Thanks too Prez from Maryland for the pin.  I have passed these addresses to everyone I can think of including folks on the bluegrass mix chat.  We also want a big crowd at the Eichelberger in Hanover PA in the winter.  Fun seeing you and Richard and watching Rhonda be so kind to all the little kids (new ragers).  Start em young to know good music and appreciate family values.  Our one year old (now already) niece even listens to my banjo!!!!!!!  I know I shouldn't pick on kids... LOL LOL    hugs

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