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Rick is very lucky.  No broken bones.  His arm is in bad shape; not sure how extensive.  Cut through all the nerves. 

Thank you for the prayers.

Thanks for the update Rhonda!  

Charles Flanary
Thanks for the update Rhonda,We prayed for Rick in our Sunday School class this morning.I'm glad to hear what good news there is and I pray they will be able to save his arm.
Robert Hall
Rhonda :

Very sorry to hear about your cousin Rick's accident!--I pray he fully recovers, and they can save his arm..my prayers are with him and his family..

Life is so fragile..your here for years,yet in one second,you can be gone forever..

This reminds me of a tragedy I witnessed when I was about 12 years old--I went snow- mobiling with 4 other kids at a dairy farm in my old hometown,that I didn't know that well--two kids were riding ahead of us on a much faster machine than the Ski-doo I was driving,two others were on another "fast" sled,and they left me in the dust!--so I waited for them to return,since I didn't know the trails that well, I thought it would be best to stay put, and wait for them to return,rather than get lost, and run out of gas out in the middle of nowhere in the cold..

I knew something was very wrong when they didn't return for a long time--it was nearly dark by now..I started getting very worried..

Well,about an hour later,I heard sirens,and an Ambulance and the Fire rescue wagon pulled up in the road, next to the field where we had entered the woods--..the Firemen used another snow mobile to go find the missing kids..the two kids on the other sled that went with them,had gone to a nearby house, and asked them to call 911, to report a "bad" snowmobile crash..

It turned out the first two guys on the other machine had run into a barbed wire fence at high speed,which had previously been moved out of the way,and secured, to let the snow mobiles pass through,but evidently the wire had fallen back down somehow,or someone moved it back on purpose!--the guy driving was only scraped up,the windshield saved him,the wire passed up and over him after going over the windsheild,just grazed his scalp,and made a nasty gash on his forehead--unfortunately,the guy riding with him in the back,holding onto him, wasn't so lucky--he was decapitated...

I only went snow- mobiling a few times after that..I decided it was just too dangerous--too easy to get killed riding on unfamiliar trails,and frostbite and exposure isn't my idea of fun either,if you broke down out in the woods!.....

I'll never forget that day..never!..I know the guy driving that snow mobile will never forget it either..he felt guilty he wasn't killed, instead of his friend,and had nighmares for a long time afterwards..he told me they had to pry the kid who was killed off of him....must have been horrific..

Again,my prayers go out to your cousin..best wishes for a full recovery..

Karen in CA & MO
Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Rick and the Vincent family.
Modern medicine is just amazing so hopefully Rick will be as good new.
Or very close to it. Thanks for the update Rhonda. Enjoy your week! Karen
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