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Mary C.

Hope all the Ragers in the Kansas City are a okay. Report in if you get a chance.

Mary C.
Kansas City area  

Sorry I can't type today.
Bud Quinn

Good morning Mary.  We came through the storm in good shape although there are several trees down and shingles missing from some of the homes in the Kearney area.  We just got home from taking a generator to our son who lives just west of Liberty.  There is a lot of damage in that area, but our son and his family came through it fine.  The power is out in their area and will be for some time.  Hope everyone else is alright. 

Thanks for asking Mary,

We all went to the basement when the sirens started around 8:30 last night but when the storm went by we all went to bed and I slept through the 85 mile hour winds that tore off some roofs in the neighborhood.  I lost a tree and we now have a small child's swimming pool in the back yard but everyone is fine.  The hail storm we got a little over a week ago totaled our roof so we are still waiting for the roofing team to make it's rounds in our neighborhood.  They are going to busy for a very long while! I am sorry to say that the Marsha Brady camper sustained a great deal of hail damage on it's top and I am not sure she is going to make it Sally Mountain.  We will have to see what can be fixed .
My little one is bummed that the cable is out and she can't get any Hannah Montana but OH WELL.  
 Everyone is safe and that is the main thing!  Bec

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