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 I GOTTA START SOMEWHERE,  is in my opinion the best video Rhonda has put out to date. WE the RAGERS have helped put a couple of videos in the top ten before on both CMT AND GAC, I really believe with a concerted push we can do the same or better with this one. All we have to do is to keep emailing both CMT and GAC requesting ,this video in clear, concise, positive emails. We can go on both CMTS site where there is an artist board dedicated to Rhonda and talk up Rhonda and her video. We can also go on the general board and the bluegrass board on cmt but be careful and do not hog the the site or speak down about other artists. I Do not know how they pick their videos for the shows but it seems to me the more interest we can generate across the board the better the chances we will have.Start emailing and posting as soon as you can just remember it might be better to keep one or two active posts on the general boards like the bluegrass board, than to try to flood the board and to irritate the other postors.

I love the video!!!  It was filmed in my hometown...Bryson City North Carolina...

That's right Ed! We need to watch the video as many times as we can, post to the CMT Message boards, vote everywhere we can and email CMT and GAC requesting the song. I agree that this is Rhonda's BEST video ever and the Ragers WILL take it to NUMBER ONE!!!!!!
Tom Alman
LETS DO IT! Thats all I got to say LOL! Good to see you post Ed!!!

Carmen Claypool

I really enjoyed the video...great song, great dramatization, beautiful spot, and it tickled me to to see Rhonda with Dolly's album cover.

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