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Bluegrass diva brings real deal to London
It's great that that Rhonda and the guys were a big hit in London, but...

Rhonda - a 'diva"?  I don't think so!

Maybe the critics in England can't admit she's The Queen in print...

Tom Alman
Diva is not the first thing that comes to mind with Rhonda. What ever that means LOL!!!

I'm sure the writer meant it as a compliment.

You;re right, "Diva" wasn't always a derogatory term. It was automatically applied to all the greatest opera and classical singers of their times,

And Rhonda is the best, for sure.

Tom Alman
I'm sure they did too Prez! If they mean successful then we have something there! We just gotta get into that Opry one day!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Rhonda is OUR Queen - When it's all said and done, ain't that all that REALLY matters ?  

Kim From MO

What a nice article!  It's interesting to see how the language differs from country to country.  It's very exciting to see how Rhonda and the Rage are bringing great music and friendships to other countries.  Maybe DC should recognize her for being a goodwill ambassador!

Mike Garlock
Hi All,

    We made it to the Hampton Inn London, On.  Look out RV R here we come.  Mike & Brenda!

Don A
Mike & Brenda:

We made it too, at the Holiday Inn just down the road.  Pulled off the 401 at a service centre, and as we were pulling in, you guys were pulling out.  We were 2 cars back and couldn't get your attention.  (Didn't want to run over the car between us).  See you later.
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