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earl austin
It's Sunday afternoon. They sent THE BRATT home this afternoon...they couldn't take any more of her
Seriously we kept wondering why they were doing MRI's on her legs, and sending plastic surgeons to discuss her legs and avoiding the reason she was sent up there. After a "get-to-know-Jesus-a-little-better" discussion with some high administrators up there, we found out that they aren't going to do one thing about her prolapsed colon until the burn/skin scrape on her right leg heals and all chance of infections are gone from it and gone from passing from the leg into the body...There's too much risk of a major infection as it is under perfect conditions..

So unless her colon gets extremely bad and we have no other choice, we'll have to wait this one out...Will it be a few more days, or a few weeks, who knows? but keep us in your prayers...
earl & sherri

Tom Alman
Hi Earl! We are here for you. Give the Bratt our best!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Sendin' one up, now !!!

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