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Mike Garlock
Evening Folks,

    What a Night!  What a Show!  All I told RV & R was "They Got There Monies Worth".  London loved them.  They sold some CD's tonight.  I have to thank a nice Canadian Lady named Loxcy.  See upgraded our seats to the front row for the second set.  I felt like Gary Kennedy up there.  Everyone in the Band was right on all night, song after song. 

    Herb...Rhonda has all the Hugs you need very soon.  She did say how much she really, really wanted another Swirly Ring.  That one on her right hand did look a little lonely.  Don't you think the best Bluegrass Singer with the Best Bluegrass Band on Planet Earth should have another.  This is a very special Year for you two.

    Thanks Don and Ann with all your friends for making this such a fun night for us.  Rhonda, Kenny, Hunter, Darrell, Mickey and Yogi thanks for the great Show, we love you guy's.  Mike & Brenda

Glad to hear that everything went so well on the Bluegrass Saturday Night, Canadian style!  Congratulations on the upgrade, Mike!

Ann Adams

Thanks Don and Ann with all your friends for making this such a fun night for us.

Brenda & Mike, it was our pleasure.  Thank you for coming to dinner with us it is so nice when Ragers from the North and the South can get together (especially here in Ontario).  Glad you made it home safe.  Did Brenda get to go golfing when you got home?  It was a much better drive today than yesterday (no snow, but lots of rain).

It really was a Bluegrass Saturday Night, Canadian style, eh!!!

Mike Garlock
Hi Ann,

    We made it home at about 2:30.  We unpacked the car and jumped on the Golf Cart.  We practiced Putting, Chipping and split a bag of Range Balls.  Then played Nine Holes of Golf.  We both need the Practice.  Thanks again for the Hospitality Canadian Style.  Your the first person I've ever heard describe NY as the South.  That's OK with me if the South South will have us.  Take care.

Mike G.
Ann Adams
Funny Mike, we always get referred to as the North.  So I just figured we are north of the border and you guys are south of the border. I forget that you have a north and south.  Better get my old history books out.

Think about this one:   Don always says, "You can only go so far north, then you start going south."  He has far to much time at work to think these things up!  
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