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Ann Adams
 Rhonda, Kenny, Mickey, Hunter & Darrell, thank you so much for putting on such a great show in London, Ontario. The crowd just loved you.  It was so nice to have you in Ontario and so close to home.  I hope that it can happen again.

Kenny made some fans right from the start, wearing the Toronto Maple Leaf jersey.  If nothing else Maple Leaf fans are loyal.  Just for your information Kenny, Don went to bed with his Montreal Canadien jersey so he could wipe the tears from his face after their big loss last nite.  I guess the Canadiens will be joining the Leafs on the golf course.

Keep safe on your travels and see you all soon.

Ann, Don, Katie & Ashley


Kenny is a true hockey fan. In fact, the Ingram family is. He has a few hockey jersey's that I am not allowed to wear. I always tell him he doesn't know what I get out of his closet to wear when he is away.

So he wore the to Big Red to bed. Yeah I guess they can play golf together now that it's over for them too. I had a man hand me a Leafs cap he was wearing at to CD table Saturday night and told to " Sign This Thing And Maybe It will Bring Them Some Luck Next Year." I may have to put a Spy Cam in my closet to may sure she leaves my jerseys alone.
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