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Uncle Pen & Friend
This is an open invitation to Rhonda, Kenny, Mickey, Hunter, Darrell, Julia & Richard, and any other Rager who will be attending Gettysburg's Festival on Saturday May 17th.    Our picnic will start at approx. 5:15 after the first Dailey and Vincent set.   

We will provide Pulled Pork BBQ,  Beans & Franks, and Hot Dogs.   If you wish to bring any other side dish or dessert feel free.   We ask that you provide your own beverage as well.   If you would like to drop off anything during the day feel free to stop by.   We will be on Site 115 which is where we normally are.   It's the row of sites on the hard road just behind the stage.  

Juila or Rhonda, please feel free to pass the invitation along to Jamie & Darrin.

See ya'll real soon!!!!
Ann Adams
Hey are you guys going to break in the new versa grill, before Sally Mountain?  LOL   Can you imagine the food you could cook with 2 versa grills going.  Oh ya, that means double the wood.  Who gets to chop it all?
Uncle Pen in PA

We buy firewood already chopped from nearby orchards!!!

Uncle Pen's Friend
A certain someone isn't permitted to handle any sharp objects that could impose danger to ones body without another individual present.   We don't have the most reliable EMS serivces near our house.   Enough said. 

I don't want to clean 1 grill let alone 2 grills.   We will keep yours in the box and you can cook at Sally Mountain.   HE HE HE!!!!!!


We will be there.

Amy, if I can't break away from the Martha White Boutique, could you please send my meal up with anyone EXCEPT Hunter....that didn't work out very well for me last year
Uncle Pen's Friend

No Problem Julia.    Should we disguise it as liver and onions with a side of brussel sprouts.

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