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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    Just got Gary's Hug from Yogi.  Just got a Good Hug for the Dawg' from Rhonda, got a second one for me!  We got two of the new "Good Thing Going" bright Blue T-shirts to wear to the Show tonight.  I bet they are just as popular as the bright Green ones from two years ago.  Gotta get ready to meet the Ragers at the Swiss Chalet.  I'll give you guy's a report later tonight.  Mike G.
Rhonda in London
Great to see you Mike & Brenda!!!

Please tell Ann & Don to come to the bus when they arrive at the venue for Ann's bus tour she won in our Good Thing Going sequence contest!!!!

Yogi has the bus sparkling for her!!!

See you soon!!!!


Hey Mike....could you get 1 of those hugs for me???? I really hate to put you out or anything, but I haven't had a hug in a couple of weeks....at least not from her.


Thanks, Mike!  I hope it meant as much to Yogi as it did to me!

The Ol' Dawg

Glad you got a good'un for me, Mike - As far as the Ol' Dawg is concerned,

that Gal is so sweet, she deserves as many hugs as she can get !!!




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