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Vincent & Vincent  WORKSHOP

just added to the 2008
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival ----->>>

Rhonda Vincent & Darrin Vincent will be hosting an exciting workshop on Saturday. 

The sister/brother team has performed & produced records together since birth, and most recently topped the Billboard Bluegrass Charts by simultaneously holding an unprecedented #1 & #2 spot with

#1 - Good Thing Going - Rhonda Vincent 

#2 - Dailey & Vincent

This workshop is your chance to hear Rhonda & Darrin sing together, and ask questions about the production of their Grammy nominated projects, and growing up in a musical Missouri family!  DON'T MISS IT!!!



Tom Alman
Hope we can get some reports back on that one! Sounds to me like a winner!!!

WOW!!! This is going to be FUN!!!!
Uncle Pen in PA
Sounds really awesome...   wish I could be there.....
No wait,  mmmmm,   I will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uncle Pen's Friend

This is exciting!!!!!    And only a stones throw from our RV!!!!   Is it Friday yet?   Oh yeah, we are leaving Friday for Gettysburg!!!!!!   10 Days of Camping and Bluegrass.    What more could you ask for.   And what a surprise I only have to work 3 days out of the 10.   That is a record!!!!!!

This is shaping up to be one great festival.
RV&R, Dailey&Vincent, Donna Hughes Band,etc.
The Infamous Uncle Pen & Friend Picnic....
and now the Vincent&Vincent Workshop!

I'm thinkin about maybe takin my camera and takin a few pictures [; )

Take care..Greg
WOW!!! This is going to be FUN!!!! 

Julia, too bad you won't be there to find out, you'll be busy, lol
Gee Thanks for bringing me back down to earth Harry! Maybe someone will come to the Martha White Boutique and tell me how awesome the workshop was!! Or maybe I'll be put to work taking photos of the workshop Everyone wants to see photos RIGHT????
Uncle Pen in PA

I think you should assign Hunter to watch the MWB while you attend the workshop...  It would only be fair after he ate your food last year!!!
Uncle Pen's Friend

Yeah I while your down that way you can stop and get an early dinner.

Sounds like a great idea, just so no one tells on me
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